Sunday, January 20, 2013

socialsue's UFO challenge

This is my progress so far.  It is 1/4 done.  The red leaf on top is the middle of the design.  I call it "Red and Yellow Maple Leaves" because the design is from Japan.   I have no idea what the real title is because it is in Japanese writing.   My son brought it for me to stitch a couple of years ago.   My challenge is to finish this by end of January.  


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Finally Getting in Gear

My UFO of the moment is Midnight Moogies by Vivienne Powers, published in the July 2006 Cross Stitch Gold  issue.

Midnight Moogies: the UFO
Circa 2006

Midnight Moogies: the WIP

I have another half dozen or so UFOs that I hope to convert into WIPs this year.  It is my goal to have Midnight Moogies finished by the end of February and to move onto the Jacobean Elegance Afghan by Lori Birmingham [I can't remember the magazine in which the design was published at the moment].  I also have a number of unfinished class projects that I will be working on this year dating from 2005 on forward.  Many of these have multiple pieces, adding to the UFO count considerably.  You can see the shocking details in the sidebars of my own blog:  I hope to make 2013 the year that I catch up with all my ongoing projects.