Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cathy H

Here is another update on Halloween Pup


I started this last year, I think. Put it away and then a few months ago I pulled her back out to finish her. She is almost done.

Monday, June 18, 2012

When does a WIP turn into a UFO?

Chris posted an interesting question.

Hope it's ok I started a thread a for it. Stuck laying in bed and using the blogger app for my phone.

For me it's a project that gets put a side for a non specific length of time that you just stop working on for what ever reason. Except those that are put aside because it's not it's rotation turn that is. The youngest/shortest time set aside for me is my Greek Mandala. It's been mainly untouched since Nov of 2011. Mainly to finish up some smaller UFO's and things in life in general.

But I think one can say any project that isn't finished is a UFO.

What does everyone consider a UFO? Do you let it sit for a certain amount of time? Does a UFO turn into a WIP the moment you pick it up? Is it both? Or does it just need to feel like a UFO?

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sandy's update who's been knitting instead of stitching

 I have been in a major knitting mood lately.  The socks to the left are for my grandson - I've completed one and I'm working on the second - well not actually completed, still need to bind off the top and then it's done.   The red and yellow socks below are for my granddaughter.  She is having fun trying it on as I knit it. The sock is actually just below the toes now so this picture was from a day ago.  When I'm stressed knitting seems to calm me down, there is no fancy stitching on these, so it's just mindless fun.

The two skeins of yarn is from my sister.  There is a shop in Boulder that I just love and they use to sell Toasty Toes sock yarn, but I guess the lady that started it took ill and sold the while toasty toes is still round, they don't carry it anymore, which makes me think the quality isn't there.  If anyone else is a knitter in this group and knows a shop that still carries it, please let me know.

The last picture of socks are my own home spun socks from yarn I actually spun on my wheel. The yarn isn't consistent, but it is warm on a cool winter morning.

The last picture is an update of my Noah's Ark squares - I wanted to complete L, M and N this year, L and M are done and N is about 1/2 done now.  Hope to have it finished soon an I've pulled the thread for O!!  So I'm hoping to have that done too this year.

Hope to have a picture of my Spirit Dancer soon, she looks at me every day with hope of getting more done.  What I need to do is turn the chart and the project upside down, I stitch too slow going from bottom to top, I am definately a top to bottom stitcher.  But stitching with a 4 yo around isn't easy, not sure how I got anything done when my kids were young.

Also hope to post a picture of my new project (I know defeats the whole UFO theory if you are adding faster than you are finishing), but I have my Elizabeth I's congress cloth on stretcher bars and the 75 pages of directions in a binder in protective sleeves.  Just need to get it started.

Dragon is still looking lonely on the floor stand, want to get that started in July :)  I have high hopes, must be like that little ant..sure hope I can move that rubber tree plant!!  If not I'll be starting all over in January 2013 with a new list of UFO's to finish :)


Progress on my Greek Mandala UFO

Ok idk what order the pics will post since I'm doing this from my iPhone. We've had 1 out of town wedding for the oldest of my younger sister in laws, 1 wedding for my youngest sister in law, my older sis had a heart attack and sustained massive dmg to her heart and has to take meds to increase her blood pressure which isn't working as it gets so low she can barely talk at times, my sons(9) kids college courses, my daughters(7) recital practice which meet everyday for 2hrs for an entire wk b4 the rectial, her recital, and then we all got sick this last wk. My it's been nuts around here! I get my back shot on Monday where he will do 6 injections at once into my 3 herniated discs so I'll get the pain back under control. Yay! Last time I was in agony for 2 days and hurt so bad I wished I was dead. I'm looking forward to it since I went 2 whole yrs + without shots so I know it will be worth it this time. B4 I was getting them every 3-6months 1 in a different disc each time. And was always still left in pain because it would control only 1-2 discs at a time b4 one of the others would hurt me more again. Doing em once on each side of all 3 discs at the same time made such a difference! Even if it does make me wish I was dead for 2 days even with all the meds they give me to control the pain. Yay for experimental procedures! Haha.

But I managed to fill in the center! All but specialty stitches and beads. I finished the flowers on both sides of the middle top square and did the wave and 1 of 2 fishes in the left corner. Those were over 1 and it's on 28ct :( so I really didn't feel like stitching the other right away. And started on the right building. I also put it on my scroll so I could start doing the specialty stitches without fear the qsnap would mess them up. Even between the pain and trying to keep up with family and the kids I've managed to get a whole lot done the last month. I'm slowly gathering the supplies for the Serengeti Mandala even though I still have a lot of this one and my other ufo's to finish.


Lots of UFO Updates!! Vickie H

I have been busy on summer break!!  Here are the projects I have been working on the last couple of week:

Cinderella Castle 71.1%

Faery Tales  8.3%
I have finished 1 more page on my 49 page Haed...I have only 46 pages to go!!!!    My goal was to stitch 50 pages of UFO projects this year and I have 30 to go!!!!  I am moving right along!!!!!

How is everyone else doing????

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cathy H Update

This is another UFO that I am working on called Snow Leopard.  It is from Dimensions.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Question:  When is a  UFO considered finished?  When the stitching is done?  When it is framed or assembled?  On the wall or wrapped and given as gift?

Julie JC Update

I've been busy and so has everyone else based on posts and pics here!  Does anyone else feel like typing stuff on the computer regarding our projects takes away valuable stitching time?!  I am so close to being done on two projects:  my Blackwork Chessboard and a Shepherd's Bush Christmas Stocking.

Blackwork Chessboard for Jeff

Shepherd's Bush Stocking for Katie

I've done more on the Blackwork Chessboard since this photo was taken.  You can see my full update at my blog The Shop Sampler.  Check out my UFO Inventory, too, and help me make up my mind about which UFO to focus on next! 

Thanks for this wonderful community.  I've commented on it in both my blog and also at the Stitchin' Fingers community.  Thank you Vickie for making this happen!