Sunday, June 17, 2012

Progress on my Greek Mandala UFO

Ok idk what order the pics will post since I'm doing this from my iPhone. We've had 1 out of town wedding for the oldest of my younger sister in laws, 1 wedding for my youngest sister in law, my older sis had a heart attack and sustained massive dmg to her heart and has to take meds to increase her blood pressure which isn't working as it gets so low she can barely talk at times, my sons(9) kids college courses, my daughters(7) recital practice which meet everyday for 2hrs for an entire wk b4 the rectial, her recital, and then we all got sick this last wk. My it's been nuts around here! I get my back shot on Monday where he will do 6 injections at once into my 3 herniated discs so I'll get the pain back under control. Yay! Last time I was in agony for 2 days and hurt so bad I wished I was dead. I'm looking forward to it since I went 2 whole yrs + without shots so I know it will be worth it this time. B4 I was getting them every 3-6months 1 in a different disc each time. And was always still left in pain because it would control only 1-2 discs at a time b4 one of the others would hurt me more again. Doing em once on each side of all 3 discs at the same time made such a difference! Even if it does make me wish I was dead for 2 days even with all the meds they give me to control the pain. Yay for experimental procedures! Haha.

But I managed to fill in the center! All but specialty stitches and beads. I finished the flowers on both sides of the middle top square and did the wave and 1 of 2 fishes in the left corner. Those were over 1 and it's on 28ct :( so I really didn't feel like stitching the other right away. And started on the right building. I also put it on my scroll so I could start doing the specialty stitches without fear the qsnap would mess them up. Even between the pain and trying to keep up with family and the kids I've managed to get a whole lot done the last month. I'm slowly gathering the supplies for the Serengeti Mandala even though I still have a lot of this one and my other ufo's to finish.



  1. It's going to be lovely when finished. Keep sharing updates with us, please!

    1. Thanks Chris. I will. I hope to be back to stitching on it by weds. Maybe tomorrow as so far it's been 6hrs past my injections and I'm not in agonizing pain. He only did 4 instead of 6. Its only mildly sore and tender but my head is fogged from all the meds. I hope to go up to Cross Stitch Haven b4 the month is out for the beads for it and floss for the Serengeti. I've really loved working on this piece.