Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sandy's update who's been knitting instead of stitching

 I have been in a major knitting mood lately.  The socks to the left are for my grandson - I've completed one and I'm working on the second - well not actually completed, still need to bind off the top and then it's done.   The red and yellow socks below are for my granddaughter.  She is having fun trying it on as I knit it. The sock is actually just below the toes now so this picture was from a day ago.  When I'm stressed knitting seems to calm me down, there is no fancy stitching on these, so it's just mindless fun.

The two skeins of yarn is from my sister.  There is a shop in Boulder that I just love and they use to sell Toasty Toes sock yarn, but I guess the lady that started it took ill and sold the while toasty toes is still round, they don't carry it anymore, which makes me think the quality isn't there.  If anyone else is a knitter in this group and knows a shop that still carries it, please let me know.

The last picture of socks are my own home spun socks from yarn I actually spun on my wheel. The yarn isn't consistent, but it is warm on a cool winter morning.

The last picture is an update of my Noah's Ark squares - I wanted to complete L, M and N this year, L and M are done and N is about 1/2 done now.  Hope to have it finished soon an I've pulled the thread for O!!  So I'm hoping to have that done too this year.

Hope to have a picture of my Spirit Dancer soon, she looks at me every day with hope of getting more done.  What I need to do is turn the chart and the project upside down, I stitch too slow going from bottom to top, I am definately a top to bottom stitcher.  But stitching with a 4 yo around isn't easy, not sure how I got anything done when my kids were young.

Also hope to post a picture of my new project (I know defeats the whole UFO theory if you are adding faster than you are finishing), but I have my Elizabeth I's congress cloth on stretcher bars and the 75 pages of directions in a binder in protective sleeves.  Just need to get it started.

Dragon is still looking lonely on the floor stand, want to get that started in July :)  I have high hopes, must be like that little ant..sure hope I can move that rubber tree plant!!  If not I'll be starting all over in January 2013 with a new list of UFO's to finish :)



  1. Very cool socks. Ive tried but I can't seem to get the hang of it. And the letters will come as they do. Sometimes I'll put my cross stitch aside to knit or crochet something too.

  2. I put my stitching to crochet a wrap but had to stop due to hand pain....I guess I will pick it up again soon. Love those socks!

  3. I like to knit...but I'm not really good enough to follow a pattern. The Noah's ark stitchery is lovely! Enjoy your week! Happy sewing!