Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year-Randi Eeyore and Butterflies Birth Announcement

I have been working on this one like crazy for the last few days. With the exception of the back stitching, the top page is complete....

Vickie H - UFO's

I can't believe it is almost 2012 and time to the start the UFO Challenge!!!  Here are all my UFO's in no particular order.  The first two I am going to work on is Cinderella's Castle and Faery Tales.  If you are wondering why I picked those two it is only because those are the ONLY two kitted up!!!  I am in the process of rearranging my floss and I can't find anything!! HEE HEE!!!  So my goals this year is to finish 58 pages of the 135 pages I have left on these projects. The grand total of pages is 154!!!! So the 58 pages would put me at the 50% mark. BTW, I am a math teacher so I deal in percentages

2010 Ozark Sampler SAL 34.5% complete 2 pages left

Summer Ball by Sandy Littlejohn: 4.9% - 6 pages left

Mystic Stitch Augusta the 13th Hole - 22.3% 12 pages left

Haed: A Wintery Heirloom 6.8% - 23 pages left

Cupcakes 75% 1 page left

Seasonal 9 nine Patch:  61.1%   4 pages left

Victorian Village -The Cross Stitcher Magazine 58.3% 5 pages left

Haed Faery Tales 7.7% - 47 pages left

Patchwork Sampler 28% 9 pages left

Ozark Sampler Seasonal Afghan 4.2% - 23 pages left

Cinderella's Castle 50% 2 pages left

Ozark Sampler House Windows 33.3% 1 page left

I can't wait to get to stitching on these since my goal is to finish 35 pages!!!!   Lets see if I can accomplish this goal!!!

Lisa N.'s UFOs

Happy Hour by Hinzeit

I picked this one up again a few days ago, so perhaps it will be my first 2012 finish!

Mini B11 Keychain by Pinn

Mystery SAL by Wiehenburg

Tree Frog Trio by Dimensions

No. 23 Blueberry Lane: Candy Shop by Brightneedle

Cat Biscornu (minus the Bible verse)- Freebie from now defunct website

French Country Baby Carriage by JBW Designs

My friend's favorite color is silver, so I started it on black, decided it was too dark, changed to pink, and decided that was too light. I just can't decide on a good fabric color for this one.

Strawberry Wreath by Sisters and Best Friends

Fare well,

TerriG's Final 2012 UFO List

After much debate and consideration, I think I've finally narrowed my list of UFOs I'd like to work on in 2012 down to 15. Actually, the list includes 14 UFOs and one WIP. I'll post a before picture when I begin working on each one. Here's my list ...

1) Noah's Promise (Shepherd's Bush)
2) It's Berry Time (Blackbird Designs)
3) Primitive Wizard of Oz (Midsummer Night Designs)
4) Quaker House (Blackbird Designs)
5) Polar Bear Snow Globe (Bent Creek)
6) Joyous Christmas (Shepherd's Bush)
7) Winter Row (Bent Creek)
8) Christmas Name Tree (M Designs)
9) Noah's Stocking (Carriage House Samplings)
10) Winter Wonderland (Blackbird Designs)
11) Snowflake Serenade (Country Cottage Needleworks)
12) Winter Band Sampler (Little House Needleworks)
13) It's Cold Outside (Blue Ribbon Designs)
14) Woodland Winter (Dimensions)
15) Snow Globe Mantle (Bent Creek) -- my only WIP in the list

Terri in Illinois

Friday, December 30, 2011

Elaine-Lizzie*Kate Bits UFO

I finally got a start on my UFOS! I thought we were waiting till Jan 1st so I was working on other stuff. But anyway, I'm here and ready to go. Last night I pulled out my tub of UFOs to choose which one I wanted to start with. I chose L*K's Flip-It Bits months. I only had a little bit of August done and finished that one last night & today. Just need to do Sept-Dec now. I've been wanting to finish this one, but it's been hard for me to pick up and work on. I started this as a stitch-a-long with my online friend Angie in 2007. At the time Angie was in remission from breast cancer. It came back and she got worse very quickly. Angie passed away just after Christmas 2007. Every time I work on it I think about her and it makes me sad. I finally decided she would want me to finish it. I miss her a lot and wish we would have been able to meet in person. I still have links to both her old and new blogs on my blog. Just can't delete them. Here's to you Angie! I miss our crazy chats. ='(

Christine in California here

Hi Everyone! I'm really happy to join in on this challenge because I easily had 15 UFOs and I selected ones that I really would like to finish. My first UFO up will be a scissor fob from Blue Ribbon Designs Quilted Garden that I hope will be my first finish for this challenge. The rest are divided by seasons and range from the very small to one large. Here's my list as brief as possible and good luck to us all!

SB “Be My Valentine” (Feb), BRD "Quilted Garden" scissor fob (anytime), BRD “Blessed Beyond Measure” (anytime), LHN “Needle and Thread” (anytime), "Strawberry Pyn Pillow" from TFOS (anytime), SB “sweet land of liberty” (July), Tralala 'autome' (Fall), Winifred Witch" from M Designs, Prairie Schooler's "Rabbit" from Fall Fields (Fall), PS "Night Owl" (Fall), Knotted Tree Needleart “Peace” (Dec), "Tweet" Kit – JCS (Dec), Big Toe design “Hope” (Dec), Chessie & Me “Joy to Ewe” (Dec), Blackbird Designs “Tis the Season” from Joyoux Noel (Dec)

April's UFO List


I am April and new here. I saw Vickie's message on 123 Stitch about this blog and knew it was the place for me. Thank you Vickie for letting me join.

Here is a partial list of my UFO's I am going to stitch.

1. Primitive Needle - Witche's Holloe
2. Prairie Moon - Thine is the Trick or Treat
3. Lizzie Kate - Autumn Alphabet
4. Raise the Roof - Off the Deep End
5. Blackbird Designs - Tis Halloween Stockings
6. Plum Steet Samplers - Halloween Hornbook
7. Shepherd's Bush - Witch's Treat

I look forward to seeing what everyone else is stitching.


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Too many to count

Hey all, this is Becki, Vickie's friend who has too many UFOs to count, post or even drag out-and Vickie even offered to help!! My FIRST four for 2012 are:

1.) And They Sinned by Exemplar Dames
2.) Wild Roses by CHS
3.) Doggie Needlepoint
4.) Fresh From The Garden by LHN

As I finish one I will add more. And for a REAL TRUTHFUL opinion of my stash, I will allow Ms Vickie the privilege of describing it!! GO for it Vick!!

My updated list

I am finally getting my updated list together for the challenge. I have plans on not starting anything new until the first three of these are done, as they are for someone else and I need to get them done as soon as possible.
1. Baby Sampler (started not much progress yet)- Debbee's Designs

2. Holy Night Christmas Stocking (about half finished)-Dimensions Kit

3. NutCracker Stocking (started not much progress yet) - can not remember designer (will update later)

4. Quaker Floral Puzzle (started about 1/2 finished)- Ink Circles

5. Luna Landra (started very little progress) - HAED (Wall)

6. Quaker Christmas Bell Pull (started little progress)- Do not remember designer (will update later)

I look forward to seeing everyone's progress on their ufo's this year.


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Meari's Challenge Projects

I have two older projects for the UFO Challenge. I started Japanese Garden in 2006. Despite her prodding in 2011 (Ahem, Vickie!), I didn't get much done on it.

Japanese Garden

I started Simply Elegant years ago also. For a while, it was my lunchtime project when I worked out of town. Since I no longer work out of town, it got put to the side. I want to finish this one.

Simply Elegant

socialsue's UFOs

Thank you, Vickie, for the invitation to join the group.

I have many UFOs. Here are the list of UFOs that I plan to stitch during 2012 in no particular order.
1. Button Up Birdies 1 - Chickadee and Cardinal
2 The Frog - Sue Coleman
3 Dawn Tuskers- Tom Taylor (Elephants)
4 Just for Ewe! - Margaret Sherry
5 The mice will play - Margaret Sherry
6 Dance of the Kokopelli - HAED
7 Humble Adobe - HAED
8 White Magic - HAED
9 White Rose and Red Rose
10 ASAW - Abi's SAL
11 Winter Box - Victoria Samplers (Thea's)
12 Kiss Me - Margaret Sherry
13 4 Seasons - SanMan Originals
14 Bear Country
15 Meerkat Standing
16 Sky Spirit
17 Two Wooly Sheep
18 Halloween Tic Tac Toe
19 Meerkat Family
20 Stone & Thread "Love Grows"
21 3 Santas
22 Ornaments - Lizzie Kate
23 Navajo Rug Stockings ornaments
24 African Safari
25 Rock the Moon

I decided to work on 4 different UFOs in rotation.... "Bear Country", "Dawn Tuskers", "Navajo Rug ornaments", and "Meerkat Standing".

Christina's UFO's

This is going to lead to a few finishes that have been wallowing in my drawer for ages! I am actually very motivated to stitch on Tuesdays on these. I have no pictures right now but will soon! I will be starting on the birth Sampler as my kid is already 9 years old!!
  1. Pillow -  Poisettia - Leisure Arts
  2. Place Mats - Blue Silhouette - Dot Young
  3. Oriental Vase with flowers - Kit  - unknown designer
  4. Birth Sampler Kit- unknown designer
  5. Needle Minder - Mill Hill Beads kit
  6. Amaryllis - Freebie from Jane Greenoff

Monday, December 26, 2011

Randi's UFO's

I do not have pictures of my UFO's but I do have a list and by whom if I remember correct.

The Lord's Prayer- LA Faithful Inspirations
Cliffside Beacon- Dimensions Gold Collection
Are You Listening: Don't Make Me
Eeyore and Butterflies Birth Announcement- Janlynn
Mufasa and Simba- LA The Lion King Book
Rose Splendor- Dimensions Gold Collection
Faith Ornament- Dimensions Gold Collection 
Maggie The Mess Maker- Dimensions Gold Collection
Housework Is- My Big Toe Design
Lost- My Big Toe Design
Eat The Chocolate- My Big Toe Design
The Starry Starry Night- HAED
Bitter Half-HAED

I am currently working on The Lord's Prayer.

Vicky's UFOs

This is my first post. I was organizing and came across some UFOs. Here they are:

Dragon Dreams Magic Summer

LizzieKate ABC Lessons

Burilla Puurrfect Picture

I forgot the name, lol

I Love you beary much

Designs by Lisa Catsare like potato chips

Country Cottage Needleworks The Book Store

Bobbie G. Happily Ever

Mirabilia Enchanted Mermaid

Prarie Schooler Witches Go Riding

Lavender and Lace Fairy Dreams

Little House Needleworks The Chocolate Shoppe

Mill Hill Haunted Hotel

The Trilogy Patriotic Line Up

Little House Needleworks Pumpkin Hollow
I know I have a few more, but I will add them when I get back from Virginia.  Thank you Vickie for setting this up. I will finish 6 of my UFOs by December 31, 2012.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Christmas, happy dance II!

      It's another happy dance, this time, from LHN. Like I told you before, I wanted to frame it to give it to my DH; so, it's done. I'll try to post a picture of it framed. I love it and I will enjoy it in my wall. For those who read us, I wish you a Merry Christmas and an Happy New Year! May Santa turn your wishes true... Hugs!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Heart Note Alley - Part 8 - Kelly S.

Finished Part 8 of Heart Note Alley by Kathy Bungard from the Sticklounge Yahoo Group. Only 3 parts behind now!