Friday, December 30, 2011

Elaine-Lizzie*Kate Bits UFO

I finally got a start on my UFOS! I thought we were waiting till Jan 1st so I was working on other stuff. But anyway, I'm here and ready to go. Last night I pulled out my tub of UFOs to choose which one I wanted to start with. I chose L*K's Flip-It Bits months. I only had a little bit of August done and finished that one last night & today. Just need to do Sept-Dec now. I've been wanting to finish this one, but it's been hard for me to pick up and work on. I started this as a stitch-a-long with my online friend Angie in 2007. At the time Angie was in remission from breast cancer. It came back and she got worse very quickly. Angie passed away just after Christmas 2007. Every time I work on it I think about her and it makes me sad. I finally decided she would want me to finish it. I miss her a lot and wish we would have been able to meet in person. I still have links to both her old and new blogs on my blog. Just can't delete them. Here's to you Angie! I miss our crazy chats. ='(

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  1. Looks great Elaine! I plan to start this when I can get some fabric lined up! Thanks for sharing :)