Monday, October 31, 2011

Shelleen's UFO list

I am hoping to finish 7 of them.
1. Marty Bell-Rocky Mountain Christmas
2. Sue Hillis - I Shall Wear Purple
3. Joan Elliott -  Christmas Angel
4 .HAED Aurora's Garden
5. Elizabeth's Designs- A Colonial Garden
6. SamSarah Designs-The 1892 Pledge
7. Cross Country Stitching-S is For Stitcher
8. HAED SK Sunny
9. TW - The Storytller
10. L&L - Ice Angel
11. Mirabilia - Winter Queen
12. HAED - Fly, Butterfly
13. Joan Elliott- Spring Angel

Lynn B's UFO List

Many thanks to Vickie for allowing me to join in with this Challenge...

Here is my long list of UFOs that I will work on during 2012:

Dragon Dreams: Dragon of Summer Sky

Blue Ribbon Designs: Friends

Victoria Sampler: Heirloom Christmas Sampler

Erynne Chard: I Love You More

Heritage: Lancashire Map

Lizzie*Kate: Living with Charm

DMC Country Companions: Me First

Disney: Mickey Salutes America

ByGone Stitches: One Nation

Bothy Threads Gorjuss: Ruby

Margaret Sherry: Santa Afghan

LHN: Season of Hope

L&L: Song of Christmas

Heritage: Three Little Maids

Mill Hill: Toy Shop

Abi Gurden: Tree of Stitches

Julie Hasler: Wilbur Tapestry

Ink Circles: Celtic Ice

L&L: In the Arms of an Angel

These are all pieces in my UFO box, and they will be worked on for a week at a time.  I have pieces of paper, with the name of a piece written on each one, in a box.  My DH will draw one of the names out of the box on a Sunday, telling me which piece I will work on for the following week... I also have some new starts in the draw box, to give me a break from UFO stitching now and then.  I am stitching on the Gorjuss Ruby piece this week... I'm looking forward to seeing at least a few of these finished by the end of next year!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Coffee Angel

I told you that was only a partial list.  I found Coffee Angel when I was looking for something the other day.  She's been calling to me so I think I'll work on her for awhile.  I need to get more yarn for my 'have to' projects and can't do that until Tuesday so I'll work on her until then at least!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Elena's List

First of all thank you to Vickie for setting this up. I'm still trying to figure out all the UFO's I have (which is a ton)! Also I am trying to figure out which will be still sitting in the UFO pile for another year. Once I have that all figured out I will post again. I just wanted basically to thank Vickie for starting this.

Thank you,


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Berly's UFO List

Christmas Visit - 40 ct silk gauze - need new eyes

Circus train - perforated vinyl insert for sippy cup - need to find the pattern!

Victorian family - need to learn stitch

Lion & the Lamb

Spring Tulip - ran out of green, need to match

9/11 ribbon

Mill Hill Snow Charmer


Lavendar Wings Angel

Silkweavers' Dragon - need to find mixtake, frog, & fix

Just Nan Snowberries

Polar Santa stocking

Victorian Family Christmas

Springberry Kreek Designs North Pole

Stoney Creek Tapestry of Life

The Drawn Thread The Marriage of Minds

Pine Glen Design Mystery SAL

The Gold Collection Petites Mother

Leisure Arts Kitchen Sampler

Teddy Bear Afghan

Gold Collection Birth Guardian

This is a partial list.  Some of these are UFOs because I need materials; some because I need to learn some technique; some because I started them for someone specific and that person changed their mind, left my life, etc; some because another project that had to be done for something special came up.  Eventually, they will all be finished!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Sharon's UFO's (and a WIP just for fun!)

Oh my goodness, folks.  I completely over-hauled my stitching room this week from top to bottom and from stem to stern.  It feels so good to be organized!  During this process, I re-discovered a couple of REALLY old UFO's that I would love to see at least become WIP's and, dare I dream...finishes some day?  How is it that I got this far on these pieces and then they just drifted off into the "heap"?  Sheesh..........

Here are my pictures of the lost "orphans" and where I'm starting from:
Paula Vaughn's "Delicate Beauties",  This is halfway finished according to the chart.  I actually have a blank space on a wall waiting for this to someday be hung.  Here's hoping!  :)

This is "Happy Home Sampler" from a "Cross Stitch and Needlework" magazine.  There is a LOT left to do on this one, as well.

 This is "Call of the Wolf" from Dimensions.  This one is a WIP, not a UFO.  (Thank Goodness!)  :)
Our son asked me to make this for him.

This is the first time that I've had three (large to me) designs going all at once.  Usually, I would work on a large project along with a small one, so that I could see myself making forward progress.  I'm going to have to sit down and come up with a serious rotation plan.

Good luck everyone!  I can't wait to see our UFO's become wonderful finishes....especially 'cause that would mean we could buy more stash, am I right???  LOL

Sharon in FL

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Kelly's UFO List!!

These are just the ones that come to mind right now:

1. Heart Note Alley - Sticklounge Yahoo Group
2. Berlin Work Sampler - Sticklounge Yahoo Group
3. Odds & Ends Round - Tam's Creations
4. Queen of Hearts - HAED
5. Dragon Stocking - HAED
6. Splendor - Hearts Content (will have to start this one over as I ran out of thread)
7. Grace Quaker - Sampler Cove

I know there are lots more....I just have to find them!!

Happy Stitching everyone!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

At last - here is photo of first finish!

Ok- it won't let me post photo?

Hmmm? Wondering why?? - at the bottom it says "error on page" and when I go to "add image" nothing happens - anyone have any help?

Linda in Colorado

Having trouble posting photo!

Trying to post photo of Trolley finish.

ONE down!

Ok- I confess, I misplaced this for about 10 DAYS LOL. but here is photo - note the small trolley pin I found at an estate sale! Has anyone used pins like this to embellish their stitching? I don't know where to put it on the finished design. I've got start-itus - have my grand daughters names charted and started one - the good thing is there is no color changes - I'm hoping to have them done before Christmas (just not sure what YEAR Christmas LOL). Anyway ONE down and lots more to go!

Linda in Colorado

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Can Someone help?

Recently I noticed posts from the UFO challenge is somehow posting to my Multiply site. I did not set it up for Blogger to post posts from Blogger to Multuply. Let alone posts from the UFO blog. However I do have it set up so when I update my Multiply it posts to FB and my Blogger account.  I've never seen it post from Blogger to Multiply until now. I have it set up so Multiply lets all stuff for friends and family be seen and the Blogger I only have friends on. None of our family uses or looks at Blogger other then me. So its faster to use Multiply to post to both my Bren's Stitches and Multiply by making one blog entry. I checked Multiply isn't set up to post to the UFO Blog. Will test to make sure when I upload our Aug Vacation pics of Maine, NH, and Salem when I get the time.

I tried getting help from Blogger to stop all the posts ppl post to this UFO Blog to my Multiply. That was a PITA and FAIL. When ppl post it doesn't post to my FB FYI. And I don't mind the posts since only Friends and Family look at my Multiply. Actually I thought it was kinda neat as it brings cross stitch into my extended family. Not many stitch, let alone understand stash or our lingo.  But figure someone here might care that some how Blogger is cross posting it to my Multiply site.

If someone really minds that Blogger is misbehaving in this manner pls let me know. I will try to find the time to figure out how to fix it. Blogger is no help and Multiply help says its Bloggers fault not theirs.
If someone Knows how to fix it let me know. I've looked at all the settings on both sites and can not fix Bloggers hiccup.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Elaine's UFO List

I'm pretty sure there may be a few more floating around but these are the ones I had all together. If I find more I'll add them to the list...I guess. :) I don't plan to finish all these in 2012, but I hope to make a huge dent in them. Not even sure which I plan to work on first. Now that I've seen them I want to work on all of them! It's going to be hard to wait till January 1st. I really need to finish a few small things I'm working on first though.

1. Gourmet ABC-This was going to be a Christmas gift for my sister about 3 years ago. :p
2. Emma's name-with L*K A-B-C-razy chart
3. 2003 Valentine Dragon-Dragon Dreams
4. Spot of Winter-The Drawn Thread
5. Freebie Owl
6. Four Seasons Chairs-Janlynn
7. Dolly Mama It's Official-Janlynn
8. Summer Sampler-L*K
9. Summer's Magic-Dragon Dreams
10. Three Fighting Men-Dimensions
11. Checkerboard ABC-Folk Art Alphabets/Cross Country Stitching
12. USA Snow Angel-Crazy for Cross Stitch
13. Halloween Gameboard-Tonya Meehan Designs
14. Precious Moments RR-For some reason this one was never sent out. Probably cancelled because only my part is done
15. Disney RR-same as above
16. Teddies on the Line-Leisure Arts
17. Handbag Heaven-Sunset/Dimensions
18. Happy Home Sampler-Cross Stitch & Needlework
19. Monopoly
20. Willow-DMC Freebie (BAP Freebie!)
21. A Marriage Is...-Janlynn.

Updated! Found the rest of my UFOs! Wow, even if I finished 2 a month I wouldn't get them all done. And some are huge so I know I won't finish 2 a month! Vickie, you'll have to do this blog every year! :) I'm actually anxious to get started on them. It's like meeting old friends again after not seeing them for a while.
  22. Blue Dragon Fairy-Kustom Krafts
23. Chilly's Gift-Stitchy Kitty
24.Trick or Treat Kitty-Stoney Creek
25. Noel-freebie
26. Bee & Blossom-Freebie from Elizabeth's Designs
27. Good Dogs Stocking-Donna Kooler
28. America-Bobbie G. Designs
29. L*K Monthly Bits-need to finish Aug-Dec
30. Magic Dragon-Charles Craft free design
31. Dianna Marcum's Snowman-Designs by Gloria & Pat

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Vickie's UFO List

Hello everyone!!! I am so glad that we have  a lot of stitchers who want to conquer their UFO's. I will be adding everyone's name to the blog as time gets closer. I wanted to list my UFO's.  The majority of them are BAPs.  Why I am drawn to these I will never know...but I am!! I am including the name, designer and how many pages I have left to stitch

1. Faery Tales - Haed 47 pages
2. A Wintery Heirloom - Haed  23 pages
3. SummerBall by Sandra Littlejohn 6 pages
4. Augusta 12th Hole - Mystic Stitch 12 pages
5. Patchwork Sampler  9 pages 
6. Disney Castle -Art of Disney 2 pages 2 pages
7. 2010 Ozark Sampler SAL 2 pages
8. Ozark Sampler House Trio 1 page
9.  Cupcake design 1 page
10. Mercantile - 1994 Cross stitcher Victorian Village 1 page
11. Ice Cream Parlor - Victorian Village 1 page
12. Apothecary - Victorian Village 1 page
13. Sweet Shop-Victorian Village 1 page
14. Barber Shop- Victorian Village 1page

As a math teacher, I have calculated that in order to finish ALL of these projects in one year  I would need to stitch 1,718 stitches a day!!! Since I really do not see that happening.  I counted all my pages and I have 108 pages of UFO"s.  So my goal is finish 30 pages of my UFO's. That should be around 20% of them being finished.  Did I mention I was a math teacher and I am kinda of a nerd that likes to calculate percentages????

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Desiree's UFO List

Hi, everyone!

My UFO's, for a start:

Christmas at Hawk Hollow
Serenity Prayer (MBT)
To the Acorn - sampler
Taj Mahal (Chatelaine)

There are plenty more - I just wanted to get a post on this blog.

Stay tuned!

Desiree, Colorado