Sunday, October 23, 2011

Berly's UFO List

Christmas Visit - 40 ct silk gauze - need new eyes

Circus train - perforated vinyl insert for sippy cup - need to find the pattern!

Victorian family - need to learn stitch

Lion & the Lamb

Spring Tulip - ran out of green, need to match

9/11 ribbon

Mill Hill Snow Charmer


Lavendar Wings Angel

Silkweavers' Dragon - need to find mixtake, frog, & fix

Just Nan Snowberries

Polar Santa stocking

Victorian Family Christmas

Springberry Kreek Designs North Pole

Stoney Creek Tapestry of Life

The Drawn Thread The Marriage of Minds

Pine Glen Design Mystery SAL

The Gold Collection Petites Mother

Leisure Arts Kitchen Sampler

Teddy Bear Afghan

Gold Collection Birth Guardian

This is a partial list.  Some of these are UFOs because I need materials; some because I need to learn some technique; some because I started them for someone specific and that person changed their mind, left my life, etc; some because another project that had to be done for something special came up.  Eventually, they will all be finished!


  1. You have lots of beautiful pieces going! I'm looking forward to watching your progress! Any decision on which ones are priorities for you?

  2. Actually, yes, I'm about to post a picture.