Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Can Someone help?

Recently I noticed posts from the UFO challenge is somehow posting to my Multiply site. I did not set it up for Blogger to post posts from Blogger to Multuply. Let alone posts from the UFO blog. However I do have it set up so when I update my Multiply it posts to FB and my Blogger account.  I've never seen it post from Blogger to Multiply until now. I have it set up so Multiply lets all stuff for friends and family be seen and the Blogger I only have friends on. None of our family uses or looks at Blogger other then me. So its faster to use Multiply to post to both my Bren's Stitches and Multiply by making one blog entry. I checked Multiply isn't set up to post to the UFO Blog. Will test to make sure when I upload our Aug Vacation pics of Maine, NH, and Salem when I get the time.

I tried getting help from Blogger to stop all the posts ppl post to this UFO Blog to my Multiply. That was a PITA and FAIL. When ppl post it doesn't post to my FB FYI. And I don't mind the posts since only Friends and Family look at my Multiply. Actually I thought it was kinda neat as it brings cross stitch into my extended family. Not many stitch, let alone understand stash or our lingo.  But figure someone here might care that some how Blogger is cross posting it to my Multiply site.

If someone really minds that Blogger is misbehaving in this manner pls let me know. I will try to find the time to figure out how to fix it. Blogger is no help and Multiply help says its Bloggers fault not theirs.
If someone Knows how to fix it let me know. I've looked at all the settings on both sites and can not fix Bloggers hiccup.


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