Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Elaine's UFO List

I'm pretty sure there may be a few more floating around but these are the ones I had all together. If I find more I'll add them to the list...I guess. :) I don't plan to finish all these in 2012, but I hope to make a huge dent in them. Not even sure which I plan to work on first. Now that I've seen them I want to work on all of them! It's going to be hard to wait till January 1st. I really need to finish a few small things I'm working on first though.

1. Gourmet ABC-This was going to be a Christmas gift for my sister about 3 years ago. :p
2. Emma's name-with L*K A-B-C-razy chart
3. 2003 Valentine Dragon-Dragon Dreams
4. Spot of Winter-The Drawn Thread
5. Freebie Owl
6. Four Seasons Chairs-Janlynn
7. Dolly Mama It's Official-Janlynn
8. Summer Sampler-L*K
9. Summer's Magic-Dragon Dreams
10. Three Fighting Men-Dimensions
11. Checkerboard ABC-Folk Art Alphabets/Cross Country Stitching
12. USA Snow Angel-Crazy for Cross Stitch
13. Halloween Gameboard-Tonya Meehan Designs
14. Precious Moments RR-For some reason this one was never sent out. Probably cancelled because only my part is done
15. Disney RR-same as above
16. Teddies on the Line-Leisure Arts
17. Handbag Heaven-Sunset/Dimensions
18. Happy Home Sampler-Cross Stitch & Needlework
19. Monopoly
20. Willow-DMC Freebie (BAP Freebie!)
21. A Marriage Is...-Janlynn.

Updated! Found the rest of my UFOs! Wow, even if I finished 2 a month I wouldn't get them all done. And some are huge so I know I won't finish 2 a month! Vickie, you'll have to do this blog every year! :) I'm actually anxious to get started on them. It's like meeting old friends again after not seeing them for a while.
  22. Blue Dragon Fairy-Kustom Krafts
23. Chilly's Gift-Stitchy Kitty
24.Trick or Treat Kitty-Stoney Creek
25. Noel-freebie
26. Bee & Blossom-Freebie from Elizabeth's Designs
27. Good Dogs Stocking-Donna Kooler
28. America-Bobbie G. Designs
29. L*K Monthly Bits-need to finish Aug-Dec
30. Magic Dragon-Charles Craft free design
31. Dianna Marcum's Snowman-Designs by Gloria & Pat


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  2. I thought it fixed itself so I removed my comment asking about it. Then I saw the email from you, Vickie, saying you fixed it. Thank you!! :)

  3. What a great list and a nice mix of different designs. Can't wait to see your "dents" LOL :)

  4. Wow, your list is as long as mine! Let's see how many we can both get done!