Sunday, October 2, 2011

Vickie's UFO List

Hello everyone!!! I am so glad that we have  a lot of stitchers who want to conquer their UFO's. I will be adding everyone's name to the blog as time gets closer. I wanted to list my UFO's.  The majority of them are BAPs.  Why I am drawn to these I will never know...but I am!! I am including the name, designer and how many pages I have left to stitch

1. Faery Tales - Haed 47 pages
2. A Wintery Heirloom - Haed  23 pages
3. SummerBall by Sandra Littlejohn 6 pages
4. Augusta 12th Hole - Mystic Stitch 12 pages
5. Patchwork Sampler  9 pages 
6. Disney Castle -Art of Disney 2 pages 2 pages
7. 2010 Ozark Sampler SAL 2 pages
8. Ozark Sampler House Trio 1 page
9.  Cupcake design 1 page
10. Mercantile - 1994 Cross stitcher Victorian Village 1 page
11. Ice Cream Parlor - Victorian Village 1 page
12. Apothecary - Victorian Village 1 page
13. Sweet Shop-Victorian Village 1 page
14. Barber Shop- Victorian Village 1page

As a math teacher, I have calculated that in order to finish ALL of these projects in one year  I would need to stitch 1,718 stitches a day!!! Since I really do not see that happening.  I counted all my pages and I have 108 pages of UFO"s.  So my goal is finish 30 pages of my UFO's. That should be around 20% of them being finished.  Did I mention I was a math teacher and I am kinda of a nerd that likes to calculate percentages????


  1. Vickie,

    I'm an English teacher and I still calculate the percentage I have left on a project! I think it helps me see the end.


  2. For some reason, I've been drawn to BAP pieces lately too. I've promised myself that I'll treat myself to the Disney Castle when I finish one of my UFO's. :) I think the pages of a UFO sounds much more do-able than the stitches per day. LOL

  3. You guys both need help! And why is my name first on the list? Are you insinuating that I have more UFO's??? :)