Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Stitching in Sunny Cal's update

Here is a small project that I did for my sister for Christmas.  It's currently at the framer.  It's a Shepherd's Bush design called My Sister My Friend - as if you couldn't figure that out.  It didn't take long to stitch, but thought it was pretty and knew my sister Linda would like it.  She's not a stitcher, but she is a wonderful teddy bear designer and quilter and of new book maker.

Next is my update on my Iris & Fans.  I'm working on the corners and then will have one more row around the thin green band.  I'm still hoping to get this crossed off my 2012 list of projects.

Below are two rag quilts that I did, one for my grand nephew, who was born just before summer.  Since it's generally hot in the summer in Indiana, I didn't see a need to get it done too quickly.  But now that winter is here, figured he needed something to keep him warm.  The blanket has dinosaurs, trucks, bugs and space ships, all the things little boys like.  The other blanket (in blues) was sent to my daughter's best friend in 10 & 11th grade.  She had a little boy in September and while she lives in here sunny cal (LA area), figured the nights can be cool and damp and this would keep him warm.

My Spiritdancer has been sidelined for several weeks now while I work on Christmas presents.  The two quilts before were some of those projects, but I've also been assembling about 36 pillow cases - they are in their final phase - the side and bottom seams.  Once those are done, then I'll be back on my lady.  Hopefully she'll have one more notable post before the end of the year.    Don't think she'll be crossed off the goal list :(  But she is a lot further along than she was at the end of 2011!!  So I'm happy.

I hope you are all making great progress on your lists.


Friday, November 23, 2012

A finish

I finished HAED QS Fragile Heart.
1/1/11 - 11/23/12
25 ct 1x1

Saturday, November 17, 2012

I am still here

Blogland has been neglected by me too much. So here I am. This is HAED QS Fragile Heart that I started in 2009 and am finishing this month.

I also have stitched quite a bit on S is For Stitcher
 My oldest UFO is Rocky Mountain Christmas. I finished page 4 on this.
Thanks for looking.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Cathy H Update

Here is an update on Halloween Pup.  He is not finished yet but he is getting there.  I am shooting for Thanksgiving to have him done.