Friday, September 30, 2011

Andy S UFO's

I'm looking forward to participating in the 2012 UFO Challenge. I have several large projects that I would like to work on during the year. Here is the current list on projects and the number of pages that I need to do.

Antelope (a freebie pattern from a website that no longer exists) - working on page 28 of 30. This project should be completed before the end of 2011.
Flower Merchant "mini" from Classic Cross Stitch - on page 6 of 15
Yankee Stadium from Mystic Stitch - on page 5 of 15
Carpet Merchant (small) from Golden Kite - on page 2 of 25
Surrender At Appamattox from Cross Stitch Collectables - on page 1 of 36
Palace Courtyard With Figures from Odds And Inns - on page 1 of 72

Hopefully I can make a dent in these projects in 2012.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Elaine H--Thanks!

Thanks for letting me join the UFO blog Vickie! I need this more than you can imagine! I have so many starts that I really just need to concentrate on and finish. I used to just stitch one thing at a time. Then I joined some Yahoo groups and heard people talking about working on several projects at once. "What's this I hear? I don't have to finish one before starting another?" Lightbulb moment! This was all new to me. Along with that of course, came the stash. Before, I didn't buy another chart/kit until I finished the one I had. Well, years passed and I got bad cases of startitis. Most of the time it was because I had something new and couldn't wait to start it. I will go through everything on Saturday and make my list. Yikes! I don't even want to think about it! Several years ago I took a pic of all my UFOs. They covered my bed.....Most of them are still UFOs. I think this will be the incentive I need. I'm happy to be here. :)

Cathy H. UFO

Here is my list:
  1. Halloween Pup-Mystic Stitch
  2. Cosmic Shangrai-la-Mystic Stitch
  3. Snow Leopard-Dimensions
  4. Amulet and Emmeline-HEAD
  5. Degas-Dancer on Stage-Cross Stitch Collectibles
  6. Autumn Peace-Mystic Stitch
  7. Peaceful Morning-Mystic Stitch
  8. No Where to Hide-Mystic Stitch
  9. Hawaii Sunset-Mystic Stitch

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Amanda's UFO

Hi Everyone, I'm Amanda and I'm in Michigan, but originally from the UK. I only have two UFO's that I can remember but I know I have more!

Maggie the Messmaker, Dimensions Gold, almost finished but haven't touched for at least 6 years.

The Kiss (Klimt) from Cross Stitch Collectibles. A BAP, have done half of page 1, haven't touched for a year.

I'll post any others, once I've sorted my closet out!!!!!

Sandrine's UFO

Hello to all!!
My name is Sandrine, I'm from France and I'm very happy to be part of this project!
I have 3 big projects :

1. The Monarchs - Susan McKivergan. Already started. It's a 30 pages pattern and I still have 23 to do to finish! It will mesure 95cm x 65cm. see the picture.

2. Sea Pearl - Maxine Gadd. 20 pages

3. Madame Butterfly - Susan McKivergan. 36 pages

I know there are too big to finish in 2012 but hope to do a max!
See you soon

Monday, September 26, 2011

Wanda's UFOs

Thanks you Vickie for inviting me to empty my UFO basket. I can see that I am in good company! Here is my list - not as many as some of you appear to have, but some of mine are true BAP’s. The first one is technically not a UFO yet, as I do pull it out and work on it sometimes. But I’s like to finish it in 2012 and be able to move on to other things.

1. Chinese Money Men – kit I bought in China

2. “Evangeline” by Lavender and Lace. I started this for a SAL a long time ago

3. “Snow Fun” by Little River – a snowman angel chart, another SAL that got de-railed

4. “Why Hoard Gold” by Dragon Dreams – kitted up and barely started

5. “Gardens Galore Sampler” – a Cross Country Stitchin’ sampler that one of my sisters started and asked me to finish about 8 years ago. It was about half done. It was not my taste and I hated to work on it, so it is only about 60% done all these years later. But her house burned down and now I would like to finish it for her.

6. “Alaska” – one of the heart kits from Victoria’s Sampler. This was the second time I stitched it the chart and it would not take much to finish it.

7. “Garden House” by Dawna Barton – a watercolour-style piece on blush linen. I did not get a lot done on it before my first marriage broke up. I didn’t even recall starting it until I came across it a couple of weeks ago.

Thanks Vicki

I am glad to be a part of this group. I will post a list of all of my ufo's later. I have to dig through all of my stash. I do know that I want to finish my Quaker Puzzle, Christmas bellpull,and antique tin tiles next year.

Amanda in Central AR

Viv's UFOs - updated

Thanks for letting me join Vickie :)  I'm Viv, in the UK, we have five children - one away at uni, the other four growing up SO fast!  Anyway, I don't have a HUGE number of UFOs as I'm very naughty in that I dispose of ones that I really know that I'm never going to stitch, here are the ones that I can think of - there may be others lurking in cupboards etc...
  1. Boo - Lizzie Kate
  2. Oxford - John Clayton
  3. Poppies - John Clayton
  4. London landscape - John Clayton
  5. Buttercups - John Clayton
  6. Sea Stars - Ink Circles
  7. Bookmark by Michael Powell (half done, can't find it at the moment, I think it's called Spanish Hill Town)
  8. Venice bookmark by Michael Powell
  9. Cupcakes bookmark by Michael Powell
  10. Amber Lights by Chatelaine
  11. Summer Watergarden by Chatelaine
  12. Another Ink Circles design that again I can't find right now!
  13. Two or three Textile Heritage bookmarks (what IS it about these bookmarks?)
  14. A Celtic needlebook by Textile Heritage
  15. A Celtic scissor keep by Textile Heritage
  16. One of the Mill Hill Christmas ornaments from last year
  17. The Queen of Hearts - Jim Shore/Mill Hill 
  18. Festive Collage by Mill Hill
  19. Spring Garland by Valerie Pfeiffer
  20. Summer Garland by Valerie Pfeiffer

OK, that's all I can find/think of at the moment, but I think there really must be more somewhere :(  In fact, I managed to think of more than I'd thought I'd got before this exercise.  These are in no particular order - I will probably get out number 17 first!

Thanks Vickie!

I am here and glad to be a part of this blog group! I will post my list of UFOs and stitching projects when I get a chance to. At work right now. LOL!

Happy Stitching!
Tina in TN


Well, I dug out two orphans closest to being finished and finished them last night. Unfortunately, my digital camera has gone on the fritz. I'm going to take it to the local camera place to see what may have happened.

I had taken a couple of photos before it crashed, so here they are:

The money one was all done except George Washington's face, and the cable car was about 80% done. Both were stitched very neatly, so fun to finish!

So, 2 down, lots more to do!

Linda in Colorado

Saying Hi

Yay! I think I'm in now. Thanks for the invite Vickie! I will dig out all my UFOs and post my list.

Happy Stitching,

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Marie's Mega List of UFO's!

Fist I want to thank you for allowing me to join this group! I rreally need to get my UFO's done.  Not saying all done for 2012 but at least 5 or 6, lol!  Here is a list of all my UFO's
1.   Shining Light Cards - Dec. 2006 CrossStitch Collection Mag.
2.   Puppy Row - Design Works
3.   Cat Row - Design Works
4.   Cocker Spanials Watching Birds - Designed by Me
5.   Last Supper - Designs For The Needle
6.   Silent Night - Designs For The Needle
7.   Angels On High Ornaments - Dimensions
8.   Frederick The Literate - Dimensions
9.   Frisky Friends Tree Skirts - Dimensions
10. Feline Fascination - Dimensions Charts & Charms
11. O Night Devine - Dimensions Charts & Charms
12. Spirit Of Santa Ornaments - Dimensions Gold Collection
13. SnowFriend Ornaments - Dimensions Gold Petite Collection
14. Snowed In Kitten Ornament - Dimensions Gold Petite Collection
15. Northwind Stocking - Dimensions The Gold Collection
16. Murky Manor - Gglendon Place
17. Lavender Moon - HAED
18. Masquerade - HAED
19. 8 Christmas Coasters - Herschnerrs
20. 8 Bird Coasters - Herschnerrs
21. Santa's Fireplace - Janlynn
22. Santa and Animals Ornaments - Janlynn
23. Howling At The Moon - Kustom Krafts
24. Sept. 2008 Mystery Sal - Kustom Krafts
25. Fire & Ice - Kustom Krafts
26. Black Bear - Kustom Krafts
27. Naptime Dragon - Kustum Krafts
28. Majestic Serenity - Kustom Krafts
29. Feb. 2009 Mystery Sal - Kustom Krafts
30. Cosmic Shangrela - Mystic Stitch
31. Rocky Mountain Kingdom - Mystic Stitch
32. Gardens Like Quilts - Stoney Creek Feb. 2008 Mag
33. Teddies & Toys Afghan - Stoney Creek 1999 Mag Series
34. The Boo Is Yet Too Be - Stoney Creek
35. Trick Or Treat Kitty Towel - Stoney Creek
36.Christmas Idyle - Stoney Creek Book 321 Christmas Collection
37. Cats Cradle - Stoney Creek Book 216
38. Backyard Christmas - Stoney Creek Book 264 Holiday Stitches
39. And All A Good Night - Stoney Creek Book 282 Spirit Of Christmas
40. Snow Globe Penquins - Stoney Creek Book 390 Holiday Memories
41. The Brr-muda Triangle - Stoney Creek Leaflet 104
42. O Holy Night Nativity - Stoney Creek Leaflet 114
43. Witches Of Booville - Stoney Creek Leaflet 75
44. The Ark - Stoney Creek Leaflet CC 001
45. Butterfly Afghan - Stoney Creek 2008 Mag Series
46. Mare & Foal - Stoney Creek Mag Dec. 2008
47. Snoozin - Stoney Creek Mag Jan. 1999
48. Theres Snow Place Like Home - Stoney Creek Mag Jan 2001
49. Autumn Gathering Place - Stoney Creek Mag Oct 2006
50. Harvest Helpers - Stoney Creek Mag Sept 2001
51. Dog Lovers Everywhere - The CrossStitcher Mag Aug. 2008
52. Christmas Cats Ornaments - Vermillion Stitchery
53. Late Spring - Kustom Krafts
54. Autumn Grandeur - Kustom Krafts
55. Max in the Zinnias - Kustum Krafts
56. Harbor Vista - Kustom Krafts
57. View from the Veranda - Kustom Krafts

I think thats all of them if I find more I will edit this post and add them.  When the end of 2011 comes I will take 6 out as my first ones to finish during 2012.

Linda in Colorado's UFO list Sept. 2011

Hello ALL!!

I finally realized I had to log in with gmail - DUH!

Anyway- here is a partial list - I realized in making this that about half are "orphans" I've rescued from thrift stores or garage sales. Some I will not finish, mostly because they are not my interests. This list will be updated, as I have 3 more chests to look through and I know I will have a few there:

1. Hershelle Carousel - MINE about 50% done - BAP that can drive me batty at times!
2. teddy bears elephant, cat, dog 10% (orphan)
3. a christmas medley (50%) (orphan)
4. antique baby record (50%) (orphan)
5. beatrix potter colors (20%)(orphan)
6. best friends (10%)(orphan)
7. breadcover(orphan)
8. cable car (75%)(orphan)*WORKING ON THIS ONE!
9. christmas hopscotch (50%)(orphan)
10. christmas memories ornaments (0%)(orphan)
11. conch shell (90%) (mine!)
12. Country quilt rack 30% (mine)
13. creative minds seldom neat (90%)(orphan)
14. heirloom santas (50%)(orphan)
15. in love united (10%)(orphan)
16. it's not junk it’s a collection (1%)(orphan)
17. kitten n mittens (1%)(orphan)
18. Linda's kitchen (80%)( Mine from 1985 LOL)
19. merry christmas (90%)( mine)
20. money talks (80%) (orphan)
21. more holiday ornaments
22. mother sampler (50%)(orphan)
23. nativity 8711 ((orphan)
24. noah 4% (orphan)
25. quilt and rocking horse (1%)(orphan)
26. santa ornament (10%)(orphan)
27. santa ornaments (55%)(orphan)
28. santa with tools-incomplete (5%)(orphan)
29. sunset 13591 (1%)(orphan)
30. the parade (10%)(orphan)
31. thomas kinkade (70%)(orphan)
32. Welcome the whole year thru (99%)(orphan)
33. world trade center (5%) (mine)

So there is my list of shame LOL. The good thing is that I feel a kindred-spirit here! And it will be sooo coool to see your UFOs become FINISHED!!!!

Linda in Colorado

Love to See All the UFO's

This is so cool seeing everyone's list of UFO's. Some of them I don't even recognize. I hope we'll be able to post pictures so that I can see some of the ones that I'm unfamiliar with.

I plan to get at least 15 of mine finished in 2012. Since I retire in August, I definitely think it is possible!

Michele B


I think this is a great idea. I tend to be someone who works BAPs all of the time so it seems like I never see a finish. So any incentive I can find to keep my moving forward is welcome. I suspect I'll end up with a combination of finishes and pages completed, but that's okay. So my UFOs are as follows:

  1. Desert Garden Mandala - Chatelaine

  2. Wedding Sampler - Teresa Wentzler

  3. Shore Patrol - Elsa Williams

  4. Once Upon a Tree - Jeannette Douglas

  5. Looking Down Yosemite Valley (Albert Bierstedt) - Golden Kite

  6. Flowers 1 (Pierre-Joseph Redaut) - Golden Kite

  7. Flowers 2 (Pierre-Joseph Redaut) - Golden Kite

  8. Fall Cat - Cross My Heart Designs

  9. Ginger Cottage (Marty Bell) - Pegasus

  10. Peacock Tapestry - Teresa Wentzler

  11. Silvery Moon Storykeep (Jessica Galbreth) - Heaven and Earth Designs

  12. Snowflake Elegance Ornaments - The Gold Collection by Dimensions

  13. Christmas Gazebo Sampler - The Victoria Sampler

  14. Angel of Christmas - Dimensions

Technically, Flowers 1 and 2 are not UFOs yet because they haven't been started. But they will be by January 1st, so I included them. I'd definitely like to finish Desert Garden Mandala (it's getting close!), the wedding sampler, Fall Cat, and I'd especially like to make major headway on Yosemite Valley. This one has been languishing for quite a while because my focus has been on Desert Garden. So that makes this group and the requirement that I post regular updates a real incentive. So here's looking forward to some fun!

Forgot some

Here are three more I forgot:

24. Shepard's Bush stocking
25. Dasher- Nora Corbett
26. Row of Love- Dimensions kit


Bren's List

  1.  Captain Santa- Mill Hill
  2. First Mate Santa
  3. Boatswain Santa
  4. Winter Silhouette-Diane Arthurs
  5. Snow Friends-
  6. Stars & Strips Forever- Bent Creek
  7. Endangered Young'ns-Gloria & Pat
  8. Creepy Crawly- Blue Ribbon
  9. Love Conquers All- Lynne
  10. No Smoking
  11. 12 Flower Fairies-World of Cross Stitching
  12. 10 Jolly Santa's
  13. Water Fairy RR
  14. Suzie Zoo Collage
  15. Popcorn birthsampler
  16. Snow White-Disney Dreams
  17. Behind the Gate- Blue Ribbon
  18. Ovean Princess- Dimensions
  19. Midnight Enchanter
  20. Live Love Laugh- Bucilla
  21. Sucess
  22. Wizard- Creative Accents
  23. Flower Fairy Celandine
  24. 3 And They Lived Happily Ever After Bookmarks 4 recently married borthers & sisters
  25. Signature RR
  26. A bedtime Prayer- Needle Treasures
  27. Snow Buddies
  28. Whimsical Santas set of 4
  29. Count the Stars
  30. 1,000 Words
  31. Above the Clouds-TW
  32. Greek Mandala
  33. Little Baby Cheetah-KK
  34. Naptime Dragon-kk
  35. Halloween Double Flips-LK
  36. Avarice-Dahling
  37. Vanity- Dahling
  38. Rose-Fenech
  39. Armada (4 my son)-Marchette --I'm working on Tarot Town now
  40. Moonlight Serenade-Prindle
  41. White Dragon-Harai
  42. Milky Way-Harai
  43. Ice House-Schimmel
  44. Breath of Life- Schimmel   
 All but the last 4 are UFO's at this point. LMAO but when I buy them and get about a pg on each they will become UFO's by the end of this yr. So for 2012 they will be UFO's. I hope to knock down the list a bit b4 the new year. 


I am very excited to join this challenge and look forward to making progress on my many UFO's as well as seeing everyone's progress- very inspirational. My projects are as follows:

1. Porch swing- Paula Vaughn
2. Front Door- Graphs by Barbara and Cheryl
3. Cupcakes-freebies by Brooke's Books
4. Quaker Diamonds- Rosewood Manor
5. Indian Summer- Laura Perin
5. Peppermint Latchhook kit
6. Baby Quilt for my daughter
7. Running Trail- Mystic Stitch
8. January Still-Mystic Stitch
9. Lilies on Red-Mystic Stitch
10. 205 Tractor-Mystic Stitch
11. Backwater Woody- Cross-winged Collection
12. Loon Serenade- Kustom Krafts
12. Victorian Winter- Mystic Stitch
13. The Wedding- Lavendar and Lace
14. Precious Moments Wedding Gift-Precious Moments
15. Fractal 255- Cross stitch Collectibles
16.Fractal 56- Cross stitch Collectibles
17. Ghosts dancing around tree kit- Mill Hill
18. Gingerbread recipe- Lili Points
19. Roses cushion- Ehrman Tapestry
19. Rooster Pillow
20. Como Conservatory- PC stitch pattern
21. Christmas Dreams- Heaven and Earth
22. From this day Forward- Paula Vaughn
23. Touching the Autumn Sky- Mirabilia

I know I have plenty more but this is all I will list- I am pretty sure I know which 6 I will pick to focus on but I will wait until closer to the new year.

Good Luck Everyone!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bren's Hello

I'll try to get up early and get started on my list. It's beyond huge so I think I will make a list that sits on my comp and then post the top 10-15.  This is an awesome idea. Thanks Vicki! Maybe we can all knock down are lists and get some things finished up.

Some of my UFO's

These are the ones that I found in my living room. I have others in other rooms in the house. However, these will be enough to start.
  1. 6 Fat Men-Lizzie Kate
  2. Summer-Blackbird Designs
  3. Witch Parking Only-Glendon Place
  4. Sweet Home Mantle-Bent Creek
  5. Sleepy Hollow-Glendon Place
  6. It's Mine-A Mon Ami Pierre
  7. Thine Is the Trick and Treat-Prairie Moon
  8. Princess Wandabee-Purple Heart Designs
  9. Land of the Free-Blackbird Designs
  10. Libertyville-Raise the Roof
  11. Hope Is the Thing-The Sunflower Seed
  12. Little House Neighborhood-Little House Needleworks
  13. 13th Colony Bay(all 3)-By The Bay Needlearts
  14. Summer Snapperland-Bent Creek
  15. Hunting Bugs-Brittercup Designs
  16. Purrfect Partners-Margaret Sherry
  17. Paws and Claws-Long Dog Sampler
  18. USA Star Fob-Prairie Moon
  19. God Bless America-Kit & Bixby
  20. Awake the Dawning Day-Blackbird Designs
  21. Frosty's Friends-Meme's Quilts
  22. Totally Tropical-Margaret Sherry
  23. Seasons of the Heart-Charles Wysocki
  24. American Cats-Chessie & Me
  25. Liberty Lane-Country Cottage Needleworks
  26. Where My Heart Blooms-Blackbird Designs
  27. Jingles, Chuckles, Snowball & Twitch-Lavender Wings
  28. Smile For Awhile-Val's Stuff
  29. Halloween Kitty-The Sunflower Seed
  30. Christmas Biscornu-Just Nan
  31. Lady of the House (Chart Two)-Kris's Stitches
  32. Anniversaries of the Heart-Blackbird Designs
  33. The Big Round Zipper-Bent Creek
  34. Christmas Rules-Lizzie Kate
  35. Rainbow Bridge-Sue Hillis
  36. Snow Ho-Earth Threads
  37. The Stitching Witch-Crossed Wire Collection
  38. Boo! Club-Lizzie Kate
  39. Peppermint Twist-Blue Ribbon Designs
  40. Holiday Kitty Ornament-Val's Stuff
  41. Harvest Basket-Mill Hill
  42. Hilltop Seasons-The Sunflower Seed
  43. Joyful Holidays-Secret Needle Night
  44. Ho Ho Ho!-Earth Threads
  45. Keep the Spirit-Debbie Mumm
  46. Christmas Is Forever-Lizzie Kate
  47. Cheaper Than Therapy-My Big Toe
  48. Fall Crazy-Lizzie Kate
  49. Welcome Home Calendar Series (January)-Mill Hill
  50. A Banner Year-Lizzie Kate
  51. The Library-Little House Needleworks
  52. Stitching Santa-Sue Hillis
  53. KitKat and the Witch's Hat-Val's Stuff
  54. Freedom Rings-Heart in Hand
  55. Counting Bats-Just Nan


Peanuts Tee Skirt
My Personal Sampler
Lizzie Kate Dog Lessons
Lizzie Kate Halloween Rules
Hawk Run Autumn (but that is an SAL with the girls at the stitch shop so it probably doesn't count)
WW Stitching Tribal Horse
And I'm sure there are others but that is all I can think of right now.


Friday, September 23, 2011

My UFO List as of today.

Okay, so it may change a little before the new year. But here is my UFO list as of right now. LOL

1. In Every Nest-Raise the Roof
2. Winter Beauty Princess-Passione Ricamo
3. Romantic Holiday-Liner-DMC
4.Flower Shop-Country Cottage
5.Texas Panorama-Bestitched
6.Purple Lace Sampler-Debbie Draper
7. Lacey Pinks-Debbie Draper
8.Vampire-Chunky Dunk Designs
9.Christmas Freebie-Passione Ricamo
10.Quaker Halloween-San Man Originals
11.Snowman-Prairie Schooler
12.Bouquet for Cheryl-Needlemania
15.Winter Country Bridge-Spinning Wheel
16.Spring Sampler-Sandy Orton
17. Black and Red=Wheinburg
18.Twitter Blue-Courtney Collection
19.Halloween Ghost-San Man Originals
20.Cardinals and Barn-Ursula Michaels
22.Day Fairy-Maria Van S.
23.Black Smith-Chunky Dunk Designs
24.Spot of Christmas-Midnight Stitching
25.Autumn Snapperland-Bent Creek.
26.Mad Bluebird-Bucilla

Happy Stitching,
Kathy B in TX

My 2012 WIPs List

Thanks so much, Vickie, for starting this blog. I tend to have startitis so hopefully this will keep me focused in 2012.

Here's a partial list of my WIPs (yes, there's many more than this, I'm sorry to say!) I'll be finishing at least six (hopefully lots more) from this list in 2012.

1) Red Thread "Connected" and border (Bent Creek)
2) It's Cold Outside (Blue Ribbon Designs)
3) Santaberry Pudding (Shepherd's Bush)
4) Winter Band Sampler (LHN)
5) Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow (CHS)
6) Postcard from Paradise (Blue Ribbon Designs)
7) Noah's Promise (Shepherd's Bush)
8) Woodland Winter (Dimensions)
9) Winter Wingding (Blue Ribbon Designs)
10) Quaker House (Blackbird Designs)
11) My Stitching Treasures (Jeannette Douglas)
12) Christmas Mantle (Bent Creek)
13) Traveling Stitcher (LHN)
14) Santa's Magic (Mirabilia)
15) Scatter Snowflakes (Shepherd's Bush)
16) Teddy Bear afghan (Stoney Creek)
17) Spooky Fence (Raise the Roof)
18) Peter's Cotton Knits (Raise the Roof)
19) Christmasland (Raise the Roof)
20) Noah's Ark Collector (Alma Lynne)
21) Blooming with Inspiration (Blue Ribbon Designs)
22) January Calendar (Mill Hill)
23) Seasons of Change Row (Bent Creek)
24) Letters from Nora -- Letter G (Nora Corbett)
25) Joyous Christmas (Shepherd's Bush)

My, Oh, My!!

Vicki - thanks for putting this together. Maybe if I make a list of everything that needs finishing, some will actually get finished! I will post my mega list this weekend.

Evi's Stash of UFOs

Vickie's idea sounds like a good way to keep on top of the multiple UFOs that are lurking in baskets and bags stashed in assorted corners of my home.  Some have been lazing in that condition for quite some time and need to be moved up and out!

This is my list featuring assorted xstitch and knitting projects in all stages of completion ... some with just a few stitches and others almost finished:

Snowman (for my daughter) - Stoney Creek
Celtic Band sampler
Mary Wigham sampler
Family Treasure band sampler - TIG
Chloe Jenkins Sampler 1814 - Scarlet Letter
Stickideen von der Wiehenburg spot sampler
Norfolk - gansey sweater
Cape Cod sweater
Beadwork cardigan
Fair Isle cardigan
Highland Triangle shawl
Gaia Shoulder Hug - scarf/shawl
assorted mittens and socks

My list of new projects waiting in the wings is twice as long.  In order to begin a new project, I will have to complete something on the above list.  Sigh.  I'd better get my needles moving ...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thank you Vicki, I'm glad to be part of this group. I am anticipating getting through six of my (challenges) WIPs/UFO's at least. I'll get my act together and post to the list.

UFO Posts

Iam thinking that I have about fifteen UFO's that need to be finished for 2012. I should rephrase this and say try to get as many of them done as possible.
1. Skeleton Crew
2. Baby Blanket for my grandaughter.
3. Mickey Mouse for grandson
4. Coffee piece by Hinzeit
5. Retro Cat Kit
6. Quilt blocks Picture
7. Irish Sampler
8. Cross-Eyed Cricket Bed & Bath II
9. Flower Box Cats
10. Gingerbread People
11. Praire Schooler Santas
12. HAED: Fireside FairyTale
13. Coffee Designs
14. Winter Delight Floral Picture
15. Christmas Ornaments
16. Mardi Gras Mask
17. Halloween Ornaments.
A few more than 15 and I could probvably add even more but this way I can replace something as I finish each of these. Not so overwhelming this way.....
Pam in Kansas

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

2012 UFO Challenge

I am so happy to start this UFO Blog.  The Challenge starts on January 1, 2012.  The rules are simple:
1)Gather all your UFO's (not just the ones you want to stitch on this year)
2) Post all your UFO"s here
3) Choose between finishing at least 6 UFO's this year or a certain amount of pages for the BAP people.
4) Post at least once every two weeks on your UFO progress
5) Happy Dance with everyone when they finish one of their goals!!

I hope we get at least 1o0 people who want to join us! This will be a great place for encouragement and to make new friends!  Please leave a comment if you would like an invite to join this blog! I will send one to you!!!

Happy UFO Stitching everyone!!!!