Friday, September 23, 2011

My UFO List as of today.

Okay, so it may change a little before the new year. But here is my UFO list as of right now. LOL

1. In Every Nest-Raise the Roof
2. Winter Beauty Princess-Passione Ricamo
3. Romantic Holiday-Liner-DMC
4.Flower Shop-Country Cottage
5.Texas Panorama-Bestitched
6.Purple Lace Sampler-Debbie Draper
7. Lacey Pinks-Debbie Draper
8.Vampire-Chunky Dunk Designs
9.Christmas Freebie-Passione Ricamo
10.Quaker Halloween-San Man Originals
11.Snowman-Prairie Schooler
12.Bouquet for Cheryl-Needlemania
15.Winter Country Bridge-Spinning Wheel
16.Spring Sampler-Sandy Orton
17. Black and Red=Wheinburg
18.Twitter Blue-Courtney Collection
19.Halloween Ghost-San Man Originals
20.Cardinals and Barn-Ursula Michaels
22.Day Fairy-Maria Van S.
23.Black Smith-Chunky Dunk Designs
24.Spot of Christmas-Midnight Stitching
25.Autumn Snapperland-Bent Creek.
26.Mad Bluebird-Bucilla

Happy Stitching,
Kathy B in TX

1 comment:

  1. Great List Kathy!! Can't wait to see what you stitch up!