Friday, September 30, 2011

Andy S UFO's

I'm looking forward to participating in the 2012 UFO Challenge. I have several large projects that I would like to work on during the year. Here is the current list on projects and the number of pages that I need to do.

Antelope (a freebie pattern from a website that no longer exists) - working on page 28 of 30. This project should be completed before the end of 2011.
Flower Merchant "mini" from Classic Cross Stitch - on page 6 of 15
Yankee Stadium from Mystic Stitch - on page 5 of 15
Carpet Merchant (small) from Golden Kite - on page 2 of 25
Surrender At Appamattox from Cross Stitch Collectables - on page 1 of 36
Palace Courtyard With Figures from Odds And Inns - on page 1 of 72

Hopefully I can make a dent in these projects in 2012.

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