Thursday, September 22, 2011

UFO Posts

Iam thinking that I have about fifteen UFO's that need to be finished for 2012. I should rephrase this and say try to get as many of them done as possible.
1. Skeleton Crew
2. Baby Blanket for my grandaughter.
3. Mickey Mouse for grandson
4. Coffee piece by Hinzeit
5. Retro Cat Kit
6. Quilt blocks Picture
7. Irish Sampler
8. Cross-Eyed Cricket Bed & Bath II
9. Flower Box Cats
10. Gingerbread People
11. Praire Schooler Santas
12. HAED: Fireside FairyTale
13. Coffee Designs
14. Winter Delight Floral Picture
15. Christmas Ornaments
16. Mardi Gras Mask
17. Halloween Ornaments.
A few more than 15 and I could probvably add even more but this way I can replace something as I finish each of these. Not so overwhelming this way.....
Pam in Kansas

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  1. Pam,

    Great list of UFO's!! Can't wait to see them stitched