Sunday, September 25, 2011


I am very excited to join this challenge and look forward to making progress on my many UFO's as well as seeing everyone's progress- very inspirational. My projects are as follows:

1. Porch swing- Paula Vaughn
2. Front Door- Graphs by Barbara and Cheryl
3. Cupcakes-freebies by Brooke's Books
4. Quaker Diamonds- Rosewood Manor
5. Indian Summer- Laura Perin
5. Peppermint Latchhook kit
6. Baby Quilt for my daughter
7. Running Trail- Mystic Stitch
8. January Still-Mystic Stitch
9. Lilies on Red-Mystic Stitch
10. 205 Tractor-Mystic Stitch
11. Backwater Woody- Cross-winged Collection
12. Loon Serenade- Kustom Krafts
12. Victorian Winter- Mystic Stitch
13. The Wedding- Lavendar and Lace
14. Precious Moments Wedding Gift-Precious Moments
15. Fractal 255- Cross stitch Collectibles
16.Fractal 56- Cross stitch Collectibles
17. Ghosts dancing around tree kit- Mill Hill
18. Gingerbread recipe- Lili Points
19. Roses cushion- Ehrman Tapestry
19. Rooster Pillow
20. Como Conservatory- PC stitch pattern
21. Christmas Dreams- Heaven and Earth
22. From this day Forward- Paula Vaughn
23. Touching the Autumn Sky- Mirabilia

I know I have plenty more but this is all I will list- I am pretty sure I know which 6 I will pick to focus on but I will wait until closer to the new year.

Good Luck Everyone!!

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