Saturday, September 24, 2011

Some of my UFO's

These are the ones that I found in my living room. I have others in other rooms in the house. However, these will be enough to start.
  1. 6 Fat Men-Lizzie Kate
  2. Summer-Blackbird Designs
  3. Witch Parking Only-Glendon Place
  4. Sweet Home Mantle-Bent Creek
  5. Sleepy Hollow-Glendon Place
  6. It's Mine-A Mon Ami Pierre
  7. Thine Is the Trick and Treat-Prairie Moon
  8. Princess Wandabee-Purple Heart Designs
  9. Land of the Free-Blackbird Designs
  10. Libertyville-Raise the Roof
  11. Hope Is the Thing-The Sunflower Seed
  12. Little House Neighborhood-Little House Needleworks
  13. 13th Colony Bay(all 3)-By The Bay Needlearts
  14. Summer Snapperland-Bent Creek
  15. Hunting Bugs-Brittercup Designs
  16. Purrfect Partners-Margaret Sherry
  17. Paws and Claws-Long Dog Sampler
  18. USA Star Fob-Prairie Moon
  19. God Bless America-Kit & Bixby
  20. Awake the Dawning Day-Blackbird Designs
  21. Frosty's Friends-Meme's Quilts
  22. Totally Tropical-Margaret Sherry
  23. Seasons of the Heart-Charles Wysocki
  24. American Cats-Chessie & Me
  25. Liberty Lane-Country Cottage Needleworks
  26. Where My Heart Blooms-Blackbird Designs
  27. Jingles, Chuckles, Snowball & Twitch-Lavender Wings
  28. Smile For Awhile-Val's Stuff
  29. Halloween Kitty-The Sunflower Seed
  30. Christmas Biscornu-Just Nan
  31. Lady of the House (Chart Two)-Kris's Stitches
  32. Anniversaries of the Heart-Blackbird Designs
  33. The Big Round Zipper-Bent Creek
  34. Christmas Rules-Lizzie Kate
  35. Rainbow Bridge-Sue Hillis
  36. Snow Ho-Earth Threads
  37. The Stitching Witch-Crossed Wire Collection
  38. Boo! Club-Lizzie Kate
  39. Peppermint Twist-Blue Ribbon Designs
  40. Holiday Kitty Ornament-Val's Stuff
  41. Harvest Basket-Mill Hill
  42. Hilltop Seasons-The Sunflower Seed
  43. Joyful Holidays-Secret Needle Night
  44. Ho Ho Ho!-Earth Threads
  45. Keep the Spirit-Debbie Mumm
  46. Christmas Is Forever-Lizzie Kate
  47. Cheaper Than Therapy-My Big Toe
  48. Fall Crazy-Lizzie Kate
  49. Welcome Home Calendar Series (January)-Mill Hill
  50. A Banner Year-Lizzie Kate
  51. The Library-Little House Needleworks
  52. Stitching Santa-Sue Hillis
  53. KitKat and the Witch's Hat-Val's Stuff
  54. Freedom Rings-Heart in Hand
  55. Counting Bats-Just Nan


  1. Michele your list looks to be as big as mine will be but I keep most of mine in the craft room or in 3 of my dresser drawers.

  2. Bren,

    I didn't even go upstairs. I know I have more there also. Mine are from only 1/2 of the living room.