Sunday, September 25, 2011

Linda in Colorado's UFO list Sept. 2011

Hello ALL!!

I finally realized I had to log in with gmail - DUH!

Anyway- here is a partial list - I realized in making this that about half are "orphans" I've rescued from thrift stores or garage sales. Some I will not finish, mostly because they are not my interests. This list will be updated, as I have 3 more chests to look through and I know I will have a few there:

1. Hershelle Carousel - MINE about 50% done - BAP that can drive me batty at times!
2. teddy bears elephant, cat, dog 10% (orphan)
3. a christmas medley (50%) (orphan)
4. antique baby record (50%) (orphan)
5. beatrix potter colors (20%)(orphan)
6. best friends (10%)(orphan)
7. breadcover(orphan)
8. cable car (75%)(orphan)*WORKING ON THIS ONE!
9. christmas hopscotch (50%)(orphan)
10. christmas memories ornaments (0%)(orphan)
11. conch shell (90%) (mine!)
12. Country quilt rack 30% (mine)
13. creative minds seldom neat (90%)(orphan)
14. heirloom santas (50%)(orphan)
15. in love united (10%)(orphan)
16. it's not junk it’s a collection (1%)(orphan)
17. kitten n mittens (1%)(orphan)
18. Linda's kitchen (80%)( Mine from 1985 LOL)
19. merry christmas (90%)( mine)
20. money talks (80%) (orphan)
21. more holiday ornaments
22. mother sampler (50%)(orphan)
23. nativity 8711 ((orphan)
24. noah 4% (orphan)
25. quilt and rocking horse (1%)(orphan)
26. santa ornament (10%)(orphan)
27. santa ornaments (55%)(orphan)
28. santa with tools-incomplete (5%)(orphan)
29. sunset 13591 (1%)(orphan)
30. the parade (10%)(orphan)
31. thomas kinkade (70%)(orphan)
32. Welcome the whole year thru (99%)(orphan)
33. world trade center (5%) (mine)

So there is my list of shame LOL. The good thing is that I feel a kindred-spirit here! And it will be sooo coool to see your UFOs become FINISHED!!!!

Linda in Colorado

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