Sunday, September 25, 2011


I think this is a great idea. I tend to be someone who works BAPs all of the time so it seems like I never see a finish. So any incentive I can find to keep my moving forward is welcome. I suspect I'll end up with a combination of finishes and pages completed, but that's okay. So my UFOs are as follows:

  1. Desert Garden Mandala - Chatelaine

  2. Wedding Sampler - Teresa Wentzler

  3. Shore Patrol - Elsa Williams

  4. Once Upon a Tree - Jeannette Douglas

  5. Looking Down Yosemite Valley (Albert Bierstedt) - Golden Kite

  6. Flowers 1 (Pierre-Joseph Redaut) - Golden Kite

  7. Flowers 2 (Pierre-Joseph Redaut) - Golden Kite

  8. Fall Cat - Cross My Heart Designs

  9. Ginger Cottage (Marty Bell) - Pegasus

  10. Peacock Tapestry - Teresa Wentzler

  11. Silvery Moon Storykeep (Jessica Galbreth) - Heaven and Earth Designs

  12. Snowflake Elegance Ornaments - The Gold Collection by Dimensions

  13. Christmas Gazebo Sampler - The Victoria Sampler

  14. Angel of Christmas - Dimensions

Technically, Flowers 1 and 2 are not UFOs yet because they haven't been started. But they will be by January 1st, so I included them. I'd definitely like to finish Desert Garden Mandala (it's getting close!), the wedding sampler, Fall Cat, and I'd especially like to make major headway on Yosemite Valley. This one has been languishing for quite a while because my focus has been on Desert Garden. So that makes this group and the requirement that I post regular updates a real incentive. So here's looking forward to some fun!

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