Monday, September 26, 2011

Viv's UFOs - updated

Thanks for letting me join Vickie :)  I'm Viv, in the UK, we have five children - one away at uni, the other four growing up SO fast!  Anyway, I don't have a HUGE number of UFOs as I'm very naughty in that I dispose of ones that I really know that I'm never going to stitch, here are the ones that I can think of - there may be others lurking in cupboards etc...
  1. Boo - Lizzie Kate
  2. Oxford - John Clayton
  3. Poppies - John Clayton
  4. London landscape - John Clayton
  5. Buttercups - John Clayton
  6. Sea Stars - Ink Circles
  7. Bookmark by Michael Powell (half done, can't find it at the moment, I think it's called Spanish Hill Town)
  8. Venice bookmark by Michael Powell
  9. Cupcakes bookmark by Michael Powell
  10. Amber Lights by Chatelaine
  11. Summer Watergarden by Chatelaine
  12. Another Ink Circles design that again I can't find right now!
  13. Two or three Textile Heritage bookmarks (what IS it about these bookmarks?)
  14. A Celtic needlebook by Textile Heritage
  15. A Celtic scissor keep by Textile Heritage
  16. One of the Mill Hill Christmas ornaments from last year
  17. The Queen of Hearts - Jim Shore/Mill Hill 
  18. Festive Collage by Mill Hill
  19. Spring Garland by Valerie Pfeiffer
  20. Summer Garland by Valerie Pfeiffer

OK, that's all I can find/think of at the moment, but I think there really must be more somewhere :(  In fact, I managed to think of more than I'd thought I'd got before this exercise.  These are in no particular order - I will probably get out number 17 first!

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