Saturday, December 31, 2011

Vickie H - UFO's

I can't believe it is almost 2012 and time to the start the UFO Challenge!!!  Here are all my UFO's in no particular order.  The first two I am going to work on is Cinderella's Castle and Faery Tales.  If you are wondering why I picked those two it is only because those are the ONLY two kitted up!!!  I am in the process of rearranging my floss and I can't find anything!! HEE HEE!!!  So my goals this year is to finish 58 pages of the 135 pages I have left on these projects. The grand total of pages is 154!!!! So the 58 pages would put me at the 50% mark. BTW, I am a math teacher so I deal in percentages

2010 Ozark Sampler SAL 34.5% complete 2 pages left

Summer Ball by Sandy Littlejohn: 4.9% - 6 pages left

Mystic Stitch Augusta the 13th Hole - 22.3% 12 pages left

Haed: A Wintery Heirloom 6.8% - 23 pages left

Cupcakes 75% 1 page left

Seasonal 9 nine Patch:  61.1%   4 pages left

Victorian Village -The Cross Stitcher Magazine 58.3% 5 pages left

Haed Faery Tales 7.7% - 47 pages left

Patchwork Sampler 28% 9 pages left

Ozark Sampler Seasonal Afghan 4.2% - 23 pages left

Cinderella's Castle 50% 2 pages left

Ozark Sampler House Windows 33.3% 1 page left

I can't wait to get to stitching on these since my goal is to finish 35 pages!!!!   Lets see if I can accomplish this goal!!!

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  1. Wow! I am 100% in love with all of them!! Talent and patience, you have great qualities!

    Happy New Year!