Saturday, December 31, 2011

Lisa N.'s UFOs

Happy Hour by Hinzeit

I picked this one up again a few days ago, so perhaps it will be my first 2012 finish!

Mini B11 Keychain by Pinn

Mystery SAL by Wiehenburg

Tree Frog Trio by Dimensions

No. 23 Blueberry Lane: Candy Shop by Brightneedle

Cat Biscornu (minus the Bible verse)- Freebie from now defunct website

French Country Baby Carriage by JBW Designs

My friend's favorite color is silver, so I started it on black, decided it was too dark, changed to pink, and decided that was too light. I just can't decide on a good fabric color for this one.

Strawberry Wreath by Sisters and Best Friends

Fare well,

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