Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lots of UFO Updates!! Vickie H

I have been busy on summer break!!  Here are the projects I have been working on the last couple of week:

Cinderella Castle 71.1%

Faery Tales  8.3%
I have finished 1 more page on my 49 page Haed...I have only 46 pages to go!!!!    My goal was to stitch 50 pages of UFO projects this year and I have 30 to go!!!!  I am moving right along!!!!!

How is everyone else doing????


  1. Great progress. Glad you're doing so great on getting those pgs done!! I'll post mine soon. Been so busy with the kids camps, my girls dance rectial, and then this wk we've all gotten a cold. So we haven't been by the comp for nearly 3wks.

  2. My camera has broken so no updates. I started on WIP that I think had turned into an UFO...when does a WIP turn into a UFO? I mean, is there like a time limit?? a few months? a year or more?