Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Julie JC Update

I've been busy and so has everyone else based on posts and pics here!  Does anyone else feel like typing stuff on the computer regarding our projects takes away valuable stitching time?!  I am so close to being done on two projects:  my Blackwork Chessboard and a Shepherd's Bush Christmas Stocking.

Blackwork Chessboard for Jeff

Shepherd's Bush Stocking for Katie

I've done more on the Blackwork Chessboard since this photo was taken.  You can see my full update at my blog The Shop Sampler.  Check out my UFO Inventory, too, and help me make up my mind about which UFO to focus on next! 

Thanks for this wonderful community.  I've commented on it in both my blog and also at the Stitchin' Fingers community.  Thank you Vickie for making this happen!


  1. Grats on the progress, Julie. You're so close to a finish on both!!! I wish I didn't have so much in progress, and I wish I could stitch faster, lol.

  2. Know what you mean when I go back and look at my UFO Inventory! But progress, not perfection is the cliche of the day! Or is that year?!