Monday, June 18, 2012

When does a WIP turn into a UFO?

Chris posted an interesting question.

Hope it's ok I started a thread a for it. Stuck laying in bed and using the blogger app for my phone.

For me it's a project that gets put a side for a non specific length of time that you just stop working on for what ever reason. Except those that are put aside because it's not it's rotation turn that is. The youngest/shortest time set aside for me is my Greek Mandala. It's been mainly untouched since Nov of 2011. Mainly to finish up some smaller UFO's and things in life in general.

But I think one can say any project that isn't finished is a UFO.

What does everyone consider a UFO? Do you let it sit for a certain amount of time? Does a UFO turn into a WIP the moment you pick it up? Is it both? Or does it just need to feel like a UFO?


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  3. Going to try again :p

    I think a project becomes a UFO when it's put away and has no hope of being included in any kind of rotation. For me, when the project goes from my stitching bag to one of my storage bins, it's officially a UFO. As far as the amount of time to becoming a UFO, well things sit in my stitching bag for years and are not touched, but the intension is there to work on them.

    What I think is alway a more interesting question is:

    What is your oldest UFO and why did you put it aside?

    My oldest UFO is a needlepoint kit that had two small designs, I think both of them had owls on them and my intension was do to them for my Mom. I got the kits about 38 years ago and started to work on them immediately, but I think Christmas came and they weren't done, so they were put aside while I went on to other projects. Then I moved from NJ to MI (back home), divorced my husband and it just didn't come out again.

    Unlike the wedding sampler that I started at about the same time and finally tossed about 15 years ago, I continue to carry the needlepoint kits with me as I have moved thought out the years. I think I really want to finish it, just need to find the time.

    So my oldest UFO is about 38 years old, do I win for having the oldest?


  4. Haha that's more yrs then I've been alive so it beats any thing I have.

  5. I like having a lot of projects going at one time! I don't think about when they get done! I like knowing I can pick and choose what to work on! Good post!

  6. I can tell a UFO by how I feel about it. I have 10 year old UFOs and others are only a few months old, but they all share one thing in common - I have lost interest in seeing the piece completed, and most likely, several will never ever be completed.