Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Introducing myself and my UFO list

 Hello! First, I wanna thak Vicki for the invitation, I think I really need an help with my stitching stuff.My name is Maria-João (MJ, please, it's easier for you). I'm a Portuguese teacher, I have a 5 years old dauhgter anda I love reading and stitching. In spite of, I kind of lost my mojo stitch and I was trying to find it again! I have a (not so) babyblog, also in stand by: http://maedarita.blogsopt.com

1- Amy’s roses, from Dimensions (Jessie Wilcox's) - it’s going to be 2 years I received it from my DH for Xmas...  Most of it was stitched in the first year.  The little girl looks like our daughter… I love it!

2 – Little House Neighborhood, from Diane Williams (sal) (LHN); almost a year had passed after closing time; could you tell what’s to finish? Almost nothing! I’ll try to finish it and frame it to be my DH Xmas gift… 

3 – Bath towel with bathing girl (from past February – it was a gift for a girl who used to work at my daughter’s school… This year, will be a Xmas gift for a little cousin… So long I begin it again…). Chart from Los Labores de Ana (Spanish review).

4 – From a freebee; I don’t know where the chart is… I’ll try a different kind of finish. (May  2009)   

5 – Another sal: 4 seasons, from Bent Creek. Winter is missing… I should finish it and frame it to match with LHN… It’s the same aida color: Portuguese fabric, in caffe-latte color; I love it!

6 – The oldest of my Ufos’: Janlynn, In my garden (in a Burda magazine). I started it 6 years ago, when I found I was expecting a girl… It’s like this and I can’t find it any ware. I still love it. It’ s from a painter called Nancy Cole. The aida was cut in the edge and I don’t touch it since 2008… There’s a «partner» of this picture that I found in e-bay (you can see it down). After the smaller pieces and after Amy’s roses, it should be the next to finish. I love pictures of little girls!

7 – Bent creek, Spring Snapperland.  I finished Winter Snapperland and begun this one. Since March 2010...

 It's all for now! My your days be full of good stitches! Bye!

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  1. MJ,

    Those are some beautiful UFOs! Good luck finishing them and keep us posted on your progress!