Saturday, July 28, 2012

Stitching in Sunny Cal update

Not a lot to report, haven't been doing a lot of stitching, but that is changing.  I did finish my granddaughter's socks, so I'm down to one unfinished pair of socks, which may or may not ever get done.  But the two that I started this year are done :)  So I'm happy.

I also pulled up on UFO list to see what was on it and what was realistic and what's now.  So will be updating that soon.  I had 15 items listed, I've crossed off 3!!  I'm hoping to get at least 2 more crossed off this year.

I should be posting a picture soon of my Spirit Dancer, I'm working on her this weekend :)  But want some noticeable changes.  In the mean time - happy stitching to all and my your thread always have enough to finish the row.



  1. Great socks! I am a serial sock starter but have yet to finish-hopefully before the end of the year. And I continue to buy sock yarn:)

  2. LOL, Sandy. I love your last line. That's awesome!! I'm always running out with two stitches left to do, or some such. Great socks. I can't knit worth a darn, lol. I've tried to learn several times, but haven't had much luck. I keep adding extra stitches when I'm not trying to ascend, lol. And I have no idea how I'm doing it!!! Grats to you on marking things off your UFO list. Great job!! And good luck on the other two. Earth Dancer is lovely, and I can't wait to see yours.