Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Busy Spring

Good Morning Readers,

This week is going to be wild. First my granddaughter Cassie graduates high school. We are so proud of Cassie she will start college in the fall.
This week I am packing to move to Blue Springs, Mo into my daughter's basement apartment. I will watch the five year old grandson and keep an eye on the 12 year old grandson.

Then next weekend my son graduates college and him and his wife are moving to Nebraska.

Couple all of this with a doctor's appointment tomorrow. A graduation party and my daughter Amanda flying in for the graduation there is much much much to do.

Then the next weekend my husband will bring up my furniture up and spend Memorial Day Weekend with us.

Then I will watch my two grandsons full time.
I suspect I won't get much stitching in until after Memorial Day. This is actually fine with me as my stitching place will not be set up until Memorial Day. I will have Frank bring my desktop computer up.
What are your plans for Memorial Day? Oh and I am currently reading Birthday Murder by Leslie Meir.

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