Thursday, August 8, 2013

just thought I'd post an update

She is getting close to be done, very little stitching left to do, just a little bit in the basket at her feet and then a little bit in the dream catcher, as well as the netting of the dream catcher.  I was hoping to post a finish by the end of July, but most likely will be the end of August.  I'm beading at the bottom of the skirt and have more done than this picture shows - I'm almost 1/2 done.  But I'm almost out of beads, so need to go and get all of the colors and then I won't need to worry.  Last time I only got the dark blue - and now I'm out of the light blue, low on the white and the orange beads.  I've still got lots of the yellow, but don't want to risk it.   

I have one finish to show off.  It's the Halloween Tree by M Design.  I'm happy with the finish and can't wait to get it framed and hanging at my office.  I had to re-do the top 3 letters 3 times on both sides before I got it right.  Counting was everything :)  



  1. Stunning work! Cheering you on for a finish!
    Love your Halloween tree. The fabric is fabulous!

  2. Wow, this is gorgeous! You must be glad that you finished it (almost).