Sunday, March 11, 2012

Recent UFO Progress Updates

I have to say there are some beautiful pieces in progress here. I haven't had the chance to stop in and scan posts for the last week and the progress updates are really lovely.

Vickie, the apothecary shop is great and I'll bet it was a pain in the you know where to stitch all of those bricks.

Bren, I'm not familiar with Tarot Town, but I do like the colors. Is it a HAED?

Shelleen, I really like SK Sunny. I'm not normally fond of the wide-eyed designs, but this one is really appealing. I'll look forward to seeing this as it progresses.

Meari, I'm going to have to show a friend of mine your progress on Japanese Garden. She's got both this one and Chinese Dragon in progress. She's currently frustrated because she started both of them while she was in Japan last summer on business and she only hard part of the fibers. Even though she was there for six weeks, she really wasn't in the position to be able to order or obtain the ones she was missing and had to work around the missing one. When she got Stateside again, she started ordering the missing floss and got the bead packs from European Crosstitch. But after more than six months she's still playing catch up trying fill in the colors she hadn't been able to work when she started the pieces. She says it feels like she isn't making any progress at all!

Lisa, I'm guessing that Happy Hour is a Hinezit? I love those. I have made several. They're quick, colorful, and eye-catching. I do like this one.

And finally, Social Sue's "Dawn Tuskers" is awesome!

I'm afraid I didn't make as much progress this week as I did the week before. After having been off sick on Thursday and Friday of last week I went back to work to 10-11 hour days and a desk that was totally buried. We're down a person in my office so not only was I trying to catch up on my own work, but trying to get as much of hers done as I could. I managed to more or less get current but it took time and effort and I didn't have much concentration left for stitching by the time I got home, particularly on a Teresa Wentzler design. What little I did get done was on a small design that's going into a card for my mother's birthday next week. I've got one more color to put in and the backstitching to do and it's pretty well finished. As soon as it's done and mounted, I'll post a picture, even if it wasn't on my UFO project list for this group!

Thank you, Vickie, for starting this group. I've managed to achieve more on unfinished projects in the first 2-1/2 months of this year than I have in a very long time. This was a really great idea!


  1. I hope that you are feeling all better. Thank you for the comment on SK Sunny. I am getting hooked on the big eye charts in HAED. I also didn't care for them at first.

  2. I hope you are feeling better Debbie. Yes Tarot Town is a HAED. I have 4 that went to UFO's the last few yrs. It's the largest I have at I think it was 102pgs I'd have to look to be sure though. Its huge!

  3. Thank you very much! It is a Hinezit. It was simple & fun. I really enjoyed it!

    - Lisa N. in Cambodia