Sunday, March 18, 2012

This Week's Progress

Well, I think I put in about 25 stitches in the Wedding Sampler this week (all backstitching) and it was all last night. But I did manage to stitch. My mother's birthday was yesterday. I think I've mentioned that she suffers from Alzheimer's and about 4 year ago I was forced to remove her from her home and put her in care. She'd forget to eat and had a bad habit of leaving the kitchen stove on. At any rate, it's become difficult to find gifts for her, but the one thing she still responds to is my needlework. So for her birthday I made her a birthday card. I told her that II wanted to give her a bouquet of flowers and these would never wither. It made her laugh. All in all, a really good day. So this is the design. You'll notice a shadow at the top of the card. I took this before I'd finished mounting the stitching into the card.


  1. What a cute card. Happy Belated Bday to your Mom.

  2. Dear Debbie I am so glad your mother enjoyed her card.AD is such a terrible disease fr both the sufferer and their family