Sunday, March 4, 2012

Vickie and Everyone Else

 To make it clear I posted about posts showing up on my Multiply back the moment I saw them Which was apparently Oct 11,11. The Blogger records can not lie. The link is below so you can stop the hate mail because Multiply said its the settings who only the group blog owner controls and I know Vickie from other groups and she is not the person to do such a thing. So its not mine or her fault so you can grow up and act like the adults we are. Blogger has only answered me in saying its not their fault and Multiply blames the blogger group owner which to me is silly because I HIGHLY doubt Vickie would ever do such a thing.  I know I didn't do it either because I do not control the controls to this blog! My best friends husband is computer tech and my brother is a computer programmer and neither of them found out how or why either. If you know how to fix be my guest I'm sure Vickie and I would both love to know how to fix it along with others.

And THANK YOU to those that emailed simply asking what was going on and to Vickie who is just as clueless as I am about the whole thing. I have enjoyed being a part of the group and seeing everyone's progress, HOWEVER I do not appreciate asking for help ON Oct 11,2011  and getting hate emails because of it instead of getting any actual help.

Those that email accusing me and continues to harass me, well your not very nice so grow up! We are adults not children, stop acting like a teenager on drugs. I sure don't deserve to be treated with such hatred especially when I was the one to ask for HELP in the matter!  And No I don't have time to delete several posts that I didn't even post. I barely have a few hrs a wk to even stitch which I work on my UFO's and HAED's  and I am not about to give up those sparse hours. I rarely but once every few months post to my own blog. Even rarer then that do I log into the Multiply one. Just ask those in the HAED's group with me and those that know me as the original owner of the Cross Stitch Round Robins group on yahoo which I had to pass down because for the last 3yrs I, nor my best friend have had the time to run it like we used to so we pasted it down 2yrs or so ago.  They can tell you I am a nice person and those that were in it know how much time I spent making up for other ppls fallen through commitments and tracking down and returning lost RR's even when they were lost in other ppls groups. So STOP sending me hate emails! Most of which I just delete anyway so I don't treat someone in the nasty way they have been treating me! Get back to stitching or find out what happened and how to fix it PLEASE. There is NO NEED for DRAMA just stop sending me hate emails and start sending emails to Vickie on how to fix the darn thing if you know how to. Neither of us deserve to be treated with such nastiness but those that keep sending me the emails well gee there's a computer programmer and computer tech in the family I bet I can ask them to be real nasty back if I was that type of person, which I'm not, but still stop it please. Leave your nastiness to your own house and let the rest of us enjoy a wonderful group and stitch.  I am tired of waking up everyday since Feb to see such nasty emails and if it was anyone else I'd bet they would have been equally nasty back by now, but I'm just not that kind of person.

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  1. What a shame Bren - I can certainly vouch for you! I just can't imagine what is going on though - I just ignore that everything is coming through your Multiply - I guess the real danger is that I (and others) will also ignore something on your Multiply that SHOULD be there. Big hugs! Viv x