Friday, February 17, 2012

Another One bites the dust

 This UFO is completed!!  Originally I was going to sew it into a quilt with 11 other blocks that have to do with this poem.  But have decided to get it framed and give it to my oldest sister who is battling cancer for the second time.  Decided that I would give it to her with the idea that she will pass it down to the next sister (there are 4 of us) who will retire next.  I believe she will be there when I retire in 10 years.

Now on to a another new UFO, I'm on a roll.



  1. This is a wonderful piece. The close up shot really shows how effective the variegated threads are. Its a lovely gift!

  2. Thanks so much. I had to cut parts of the the variegated to eliminate the really light colors. Can't wait to get it framed and give it to my sister for her 60th birthday.