Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Christina's UFO's

Hi all, finally, I am able to update as I have misplaced my camera but was able to borrow one for this update. Below is a pic of a UFO that I had started a few years ago. I had only laid about 7 stitches when I decided that I did not like working on the linen. Well, I managed to overcome my dislike and was able to put a good dent into it.  This piece is mostly beaded and it's very difficult to place the needle when the holes are covered by beads, but I am persevering! and let's not discuss that crazy loop fringe edging...Mama mia!

I've put the other red flower UFO down as the back stitching doesn't show up very well and am thinking about using a darker color for the back stitching...I must seek the peace within and meditate on this.

Hope everyone is having a great stitching week! Christina

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