Sunday, February 12, 2012

Stitching in Sunny Cal - UFO update

 Here is where I started on this UFO, the old lady is from the "listen honey" designs, can't think of the designer right now.  I'm stitching the poem "When I'm Old I Shall Wear Purple".  I've loved this poem since the first time I read it in a book of poems by the same name.  The poems in that book and the next one, which names escapes me too, are all wonderful and I've used a poem in the other one for another UFO I have, that was also a RR - the poem was about unfinished fitting for me.

Last weekend I went to Tucson AZ to a class at Mostly Bears where we made teddy bears.  I finished mine this weekend. It came home all jointed and with eyes, but I needed to sew up the openings that I used for stuffing the arms, legs and body, added the nose and mouth and sewed on the ears.

MJ Bear has a little red bear that I also did at the class buddy that was also completed this weekend.   Above is the little red bear that is made from an old red winter coat.  The mini class in was learning how to do the nose, but since I didn't want just a head with a nose I purchased the whole bear and finished him up as well.  Don't have a name for him yet....any suggestions?

I want to have the poem completed by the end of the month :)  Then will go back to my Spirit Dancer.  Also have my Dragon up on the floor stand ready to start.  Will post more updates in another week.

 I also started a blog:
Stitching In sunny cal


  1. Very cute! =)

  2. That poem is one of my favorites, too. At this rate I believe that you will be able to finish by the end of the more UFO finished! Yay! (Little early celebration there).