Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Approaching Clarity

Chris and Cactus--thank you for your comments, they really helped. I really like how you included the emotional aspect of the UFO, Chris. I have a Tree of Life afghan (free pattern at that I've been knitting for about 4 years. It started as a KAL, but I had to start over and over cuz I kept screwing up. I am currently working on the border, have about half knit and one quarter attached. I think of it as a UFO since it's taken so long, but I love it, the accomplishment and the fact that I have not set it aside, just focused on it as an in the car project.
With the suggestions provided here is my modified list:
Hand stitching UFOs:
1. Ikebanna (EGA pulled thread class, have to do the floral centerpiece and my monogram)
2. Easter wreath (international x-stitch round robin I designed, need to fill in one section where a stitcher died before she could do her design)
3. Irish sampler, needs to framed or something
4. Winter squares (international x-stitch round robin independent design, need to be assembled/finished)
5. Winter sampler (needs one border and then to be framed or set as a book cover)
6. Needlepoint chair seat (petit point and NP, started by great aunt, given to me by my grandfather to finish over 10 yrs ago, one section of blue background needs to be done)
Quilting UFOs:
1. Black and white king sized quilt (finish cutting out and assemble then finish quilt)
2. Pastel baby quilt (needs to be backed)
3. Teddy bear baby quilt (finish cutting blocks and assemble, finish)
4. Celtic medalion small hanging (finish hand quilting)
5. Jacob ladder wall hanging (back and hand quilt)
6. Antique crazy quilt I found in Burlington VT (do the hand embroidery--this UFO is a real emotional block. I love the quilt and feel I'm not good enough to work on it or shouldn't start until I know I will finish it.)
Knitting UFOs:
1. Jeff's slippers (one done and one to go, it's been two years--he brought them up again tonight)
2. My red twists hat (seven more rounds of the pattern and I'm done)
Beading UFOs:
1. Necklace (wooden beads, pattern not working, but just a little more tweaking--maybe)
2. Necklace or bracelet (blue and cream seed beads started)
3. Necklace (netted pearl seed beads, it's kitted and that's all)
I have four. I keep putting off organizing all my photos to assign them to the appropriate blog and tentative post topics. I have thousands of photos.
I also have 3 needlepoint projects in progress and a knitted baby bunting half done, and a baby bath blanket I need to attach the hood to the blanket for. Not to mention the skirt and vest and sewing machine cover that are almost done. I'm participating in Sharon B's ( Take a Stitch Tuesdays that just began and I'm in her Studio Journal class that starts in February. And I'm doing research on Islamic design and where it may fit into the earliest Blackwork embroidery, hopefully to turn into a book one day (topic of one of my blogs).
Outside of the two embroidery pieces I just inherited from my mother, I think that's it. Now for a plan. I'll sleep on it!


  1. O dear....I'm afraid for you! the only suggestion I have to work on something that "calls" to you and then just start. No plan...this is supposed to be fun for goodness' sakes! good luck! Chris G

  2. The other thing I'd suggest is to go for the projects that are close to a finish, at least initially. I find that it's amazing how much incentive you can gain by finishing something!

  3. Yes, Debbie, I am doing just thing, starting the one's that are closest to the finish. Very motivating to keep going!