Monday, January 2, 2012

I have just started stitching after not being able to stitch for the last year. What I have to finish this year are projects from the last few seminars

Spa Reading
My Favorite Things (needlework tool case)
Pumpkin Patch (3-d pumpkin)
Crazy for Stitching (top for a stitching basket) and the accessories that I am designing to go with it (scissor case and fob, pin cushion, magnet, laying tool case)
Those Amazing Greys (beads on needlepoint)
Lone Star Heart (heart ornament)
My two auction pieces (a mouse frame weight and a mouse scissor fob)
Belt for my granddaughter

Perhaps by the end of this year, I can have these done.

Jo Ann


  1. This is a very diverse bunch of projects. If you stitch on them a bit every Tuesday, I am sure you will finish many of them! Welcome back to cross stitching! Christina G

  2. Hey Jo Ann--good to see you here! I had to get a shot into my thumb for trigger thumb before we left for Mississippi. Didn't stitch for 2 months. Xanax intake increased! It's good to be attached to a needle again. Can't imagine a whole year!