Sunday, January 15, 2012

Patti's UFOs

Hi all, my name is Patricia, but just call me Patti (only time I get called the other is when I'm in trouble). I live in Michigan, but was born in Connecticut. I'm a model stitcher for several designers, which is why I have SO many UFOs. Everytime I think I'm able to start something for me, I end up on deadline (which is my job, so I'm not complaining). I don't know what the amount of UFOs anybody else has, but I have 21 (these are the ones I can find). We moved in September and my craft room is the last to be worked on, but have been work stitching that entire time. I have 3 kids (none that live at home); 5 grands; and 4 furbabies.
My list is:

Diligence (my oldest)
All Things (bright & beautiful)
Celtic Christmas
Marty Bells - Summerland
TW's Dragon/Castle
Kaleidoscope (not sure I spelled this correctly)
Beside Still Waters
Moulin Rouge
Snow Crystals - SAL
Quaker Mystery
Gingham Girlfriends
Christmas Quilts
French Country Snowglobe
Vierlanden Sampler - Susanne
Village of Hawk Run Hollow
Ink Circles - Celtic Quilts: Kentucky chain
Miss Crescents Crowne: All in a Sleigh
Peppermint Twist



  1. good luck on your projects. Where in MI? We now live in CA, but I was born and raised in MI and miss it. Just no jobs in my field.

  2. This is a very impressive list! Like I said elsewhere, a bit at a time and it will get done. Good luck!