Thursday, January 5, 2012

My UFO listing

This is Sandy and I'm excited about joining a group of people who all share my love for stitching, quilting and knitting and like me have a closet full of UFO's. Ok so there are few of you who don't have a full closet, but you know what I mean.

My husband and I recently moved to CA and left all of our kids, cats, dogs and grandkids behind in KY. After 30 plus years we are seeing if we can get alone together, so far so good.

last year and this year I've been focused on getting UFO's done. I published all of my sins on Face Book about a year ago. Since then I've managed to finish up several, but that doesn't put a dent in what's out there. So for this year, here is what I want to focus on......

My goals for 2012 are as follows (no pictures - sorry)

1. Spirit Dancer for my Grandson Addison who will be 1 in March - about 15% done

2. Painted Pony - Witch Angel, for me about 1/2 done

3. Painted Pony - Princess Angel for my granddaughter not started yet

4. When I’m an Old Woman poem on the Ft. Smith RR (and finish up the squares – I got some black material for borders and blocking the squares and thought I’d get some gray for corner stones. I have 4 or 5 of them already done in a crazy quilt.

5. At least 3 more animals on CB’s Noah’s Ark afghan – (L, M & N) – really need to get this one done it was suppose to be for my niece, she is 15 and I started it the year she was born - I'm a little bit behind!!

6. Thimbleberry 2008 Quilt – just need to cut large triangles and assemble the squares - this is for my son - I've did the 2007 thimbleberry for my middle daughter and another one call Women's Voices for my oldest daughter (and mother of granddaughter)

7. Thimbleberry 2009 Quilt – 4 monthly blocks left and the connecting squares, which is for my youngest daughter.

8. Start – Petticoats and Patriot squares and finish up at least 6 months – love the warm colors of the quilt and the stories connected to each block.

9. Start Leigh's Dragon and hopefully finish it!! Have all the threads and ideas for stitches, just need to get it started It's a wedding present for my son, who will be married 2 years this Spring - a little bit late, but not as late as other projects..

10. Start Spirit Walker (?) for my daughter Sara's graduation (Master's degree) – L&L Indian angel It was suppose to be for her High School Graduation, which was 10 years ago, then her college graduation and now I'm thinking Master's, but there is always PhD right?

11. Start one of Nancy Needle’s design – I think I have the threads and canvas for Iris quilt.

12. Finish up the second sock for my sister - was a birthday present back in June

13. Finish up a sweater that I started to knit 4 years ago

I just finished L&L's In the Arms of an Angel for my granddaughter - Donna. She told her Mom that she needed her Painted Pony Angel in her room because she didn't have an angel to keep her safe at night. She will also get the PP Princess Angel.

Hope to post pictures as I get these done :-) my Picture is my "When I'm an Old Lady" square from a RR in Ft. Smith AR with the stitching group there - People who Count. I'm stitching the poem in the back ground.

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  1. I think you and I need a special club! Although I know I've seen some other lengthy and diverse lists as I've scanned backwards in time.

    There are just so many wonderful projects to do!