Monday, January 2, 2012

My UFO's for 2012

Hi Folks --

I'm just sitting here wondering why it is that every year I make a lists of UFO's and every year I end up with very few of them finished. But here's my current list of UFO's
  • Sycamore quilt block - This is the model for my 2011 needlepoint club and should, I hope be finished today
  • Lighthouse Cube - Kathy Schenkel painted canvas
  • Bunny mini-sock - Designs by Petei painted canvas
  • Garden Path - Needle Delights charted canvas
  • Amazing Color - Needle Delights charted piece, almost halfway through
  • Maggie Co geometric 1 - I've been working on this one so long the canvas is soft and pulling away from the tape. I REALLY need to finish this
  • Maggie Co geometric 2 - I started this one when I couldn't find the one above after our move. If I get them both done I can start another one & get these turned into pillows.
  • St Jude - Happy Heart painted canvas
  • Nativity Backdrop - Needledeeva
  • Mod Sampler - original piece I did for my blog but never finished
  • Mini Sampler #1 - Laura Perin, I need to finish this so I can do the other two
  • Ehrman Cat - If my cats don't steal all the thread first
  • Mary figure - outline traced from a website
  • Dot's Mini-sock
  • IGC Gold Mini-sock
  • Chant Mini-sock - from The Studio, for my husband
  • Chant Stocking - from The Studio, for my husband
  • Amish quilt pillow - another one that's sat around for ages

If I finish six of these, I'll be a very happy camper.

Keep Stitching,
Janet (Napa Needlepoint)


  1. Wow, that is some list! Wishing you much success on working on these on Tuesday. Which one will you finish next? Christina G

  2. Look forward to seeing your progress on Amazing Color by Needle Delights- I have all the stuff for that and would love to start it- just need to finish a few things first. Good Luck!

  3. Would love to see your back drop for the nativity. I have one in my stash, but looking for a second one. I do everything in 4's (four kids) and have only completed one so far.