Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy Year of the FO (and Blog)

If there was a winner for the most UFOs, it would be me. When I mentioned joining this group to my partner, he laughed and said,"why bother, when you finish one you start another." Such support!

I have Stitching UFOs, Knitting UFOs, Quilting UFOs, Beading UFOs, Sewing UFOs, and writing UFOs. My mother just sent me two of her UFOs. That's because she knows I collect UFOs like others collect baseball cards.

How do I tackle this challenge? Suggestions are welcome, but I think I'll choose three from each area and when I finish one, I'll pull another out of the storage area. I'm not sure if I should include the current projects I'm working on. Suggestions?

Thanks Julie from Blackwork Lessons (another UFO)


  1. In my head, Works in progress are different from UFOs. Accordingly, a UFO is a project that was put down or away, usually due to lack of interest and therefore, not finished. UFOs can usually be recognized due to how old the design is or how long ago it was started - if its from the early 90's and you haven't worked on it in 5 years or more, well then, its a UFO - oh, and you get this weird feeling in the pit of your stomach, akin to nausea, when you look at it. A Work in Progress, on the other hand, is one that you are working on, albeit perhaps, sporadically, but the thought of stitching on it fills you with glee, (or a sense of accomplishment, as opposed to a sense of drudgery). WIPs are usually designs you are still interested in and you can imagine the project completed and hanging on a wall somewhere. As opposed to a UFO, which, if and when finished, you will likely donate to the local nursing home.

  2. Chris - I do like your definitions! lol I have a project started 20 years ago that is almost finished - "only" needs the outlining completed. It's a gift for my sister and I DO want to finish it, really!, but hate outlining. So not sure where this one falls. :) Julie - I am in your boat - projects in several needleart forms. I sometimes wish I was one of those people who only had one passion, but I do so like dabbling in all types of projects. My goal last year was to not start any new projects. I succeeded. However, I didn't complete any of the ones already started. So I guess I have to make that my goal this year. I am retired so I SHOULD have time to work on my projects.........