Sunday, January 1, 2012

Wichitastitcher's UFO list

These are the UFO's that I am going to work on especially this year to finish them up:

1. Butternut Road - Earth Dancer
2. Mirabilia - Enchanted Mermaid
3. Mirabilia - Mermaid of Atlantis
4. Mirabilia -Scent of Old Roses
5. Needleprint- Mary Wigham
6.LHN- Mayflower Landing
7. With Thy Needle and Thread- Birds of a Feather
8. L&L - Fairy Grandmother
9. Mirabilia - Bliss Fairy
10.Knotted Tree Spring Floral
11. Mirabilia - Fairy Moon
12. Mirabilia -Angel of the New Dawn
13. ByGone Stitches - Quaker Christmas
14.Long Dog Sampler- Scarlet Ribands
15. Mirabilia =Lady of the Mist

2012 is going to be Year of Finishes for me (I hope) LOL

Happy New Year Everyone!


  1. I have the Earth Dancer and the Spirit Dancer on my 2012 list of must do's for 2012. Love your list and look forward to seeing them done.

  2. Dido anonymous's comment. You've lot's of gorgeous patterns to finish and they will be quite impressive when all done! Can't wait to see them done.Christina G