Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Jennie's Introduction & my UFOs

Hi all, am happy to be here. :)  I have 3 old UFOs that I would love to finish.

The first is one that I have actually finished all the whole crosses on then stalled on the backstitching part due to many reasons (excuses!).

Mighty Samurai

The second one is Bag Ladies - I just could never get into stitching this!  I really would love to finish it though.

Bag Ladies

The last one is Magnificent Seven - I actually have a good excuse for not working on this, I lost half of the chart and only just found it again.

Magnificent Seven

My blog is here - I plan to update frequently (my WiPs etc).


  1. I have the Samurai as one of my projects to be started this year. I am very overwhelmed with it as I have only been doing very simple designs recently. These are great UFOs and I look forward to seeing them all finished up!

  2. Mighty Samurai was the first big project I ever stitched - it was actually quite easy to stitch, just lots of it! Now I just need to get going on the backstitching. ;)

  3. I remember the first time I ever saw the Mighty Samurai finished. It was at a cross stitch competition and it literally took my breath away. It was gorgeous. I'll look forward to watching your progress on it.